Various news videos on JKS in Bangkok

Arrival in Bangkok on 26 May

For more videos, please click on Link 1 and Link 2.

Credits: wmae63

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Lotte DFS wallpapers

Credits: Lotte DFS

Thanks, tenshi, for the link – had problems getting the original resolution from other fansites.

For another pic,

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[Jap magazine] Woman’s Weekly

Credits: nekomusume & Cri-Moca


Gasp, JKS melts my heart! I love all the pics!!
Magazine is released in Japan today and includes some JKS pics from Jplus photo-book.

For more pics,

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[Personal] Bangkok trip 27 May – 29 May 2011


This is going to be a long-winded account that’s going to sound like my thank-you list (which, in fact, it is). Without the help and advice of many friends, my trip wouldn’t be as enjoyable and successful as it was. Erm, if I thank someone and use the wrong name, please blame it on my age and poor memory … So here it is, in no order of merit (lol):

First to Veron, thanks for saying that you’re going to Bangkok, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone. Thanks for your lively company, and for sharing everything with us, and for the spa contact too.

To Ferlyn, thanks for joining me on the trip (ok, I admit I was egging her on, but the more, the merrier!). I cannot remember which of us came up with the idea of staying at Four Seasons because we heard that JKS was staying there, so we booked a room there, and I had to “abandon” my original non-refundable hotel room booking at Centre Point Petchburi. Then later we heard that JKS was not staying at Four Seasons after all, because HS Media was unhappy with 411 Entertainment for posting JKS’ hotel on their website. Was disappointed, but what’s done was done. It was only on Fri 27 May afternoon that we heard news of JKS appearing for his press conference and interview at Four Seasons, but that did not necessarily mean he was staying there.

Then on Sat 28 May when we returned to the hotel at 2 pm plus and saw a crowd of fans waiting at the lobby, only then were we sure that JKS was staying there. I had entertained the thought of going back to Centre Point because of the free WIFI there, and so I was packing my luggage on Saturday when Ferlyn went back down to the lobby to catch a glimpse of JKS, and she did see him come down the main central staircase to go out to the Cri Show venue. When Ferlyn returned to the room, I had changed my mind and decided to continue my stay at Four Seasons. I thought that I could wait for JKS at the lobby for him to return from his Cri Show and private party, but in the end, was too tired to do that and anyway, I’ll be seeing him again in KL. So I didn’t manage to see JKS at the hotel at all.

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CCTV reports on JKS Thailand Cri Show

Credits: oremyhsu @ Youku
Shared by KeunSukChina

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Lotte Duty Free ‘So I’m Loving You’ 2011 Ver. [MV Full HD ENG SUB]

Credits: AsianDream2011
Shared by: tenshi_akuma

I thought I saw this video before, or maybe was it a shorter version of it? For the benefit of those who have not seen it yet, here it is.

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[Cover pic] “The Romance JPLUS Photograph Collection Limited”

Shared by: tenshi_akuma
Source: unknown

Erm, not sure where this pic came from!

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[Promo in Korea] Win Shanghai Cri Show ticket

Samsung users in Korea can participate in Samsung’s website promotional activity. By writing what they can do in support of JKS Cri Show, they get a chance to win one of ten tickets to JKS’ last stop in the Asia Tour, Shanghai.

Credits: KeunSukChina

张根硕全球中文网:[KSC][三星活动]在韩国的用户通过登录三星网站.在规定的地方写上”对张根硕cri show的应援回复”.最终将从中抽取10名幸运儿获得张根硕亚洲FM最后一站上海站的门票.来源:三星官网


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[29 May 2011] JKS departing Bangkok

Credits as tagged


For more pics,

Read more[29 May 2011] JKS departing Bangkok

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[26 May 2011] JKS arrives at Bangkok airport

Credits as tagged


For more pics,

Read more[26 May 2011] JKS arrives at Bangkok airport

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[26 May 2011] Video of JKS departing Incheon airport

Credits: 耳朵饭团

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[Jap magazine] Korean Wave 45

Credits as tagged


Words cannot describe how much I love this cute boy …. 🙂

For more pics,

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