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Credits: Tende 텐데 @

I love singer-cum-rocker Jang Keun Suk – he simply oozes tons of charisma on stage!

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[Update] Japan Tour Schedule

The dates, time and venue of Jang Keun Suk’s Japan Tour schedule have been released on his Japan website.

Credits: Baidusukbar from JKS Japan website

★ 公演会场 及び 开演时间

[9 April] 4/9(土)
Nagoya 名古屋: 国际会议场 センチュリーホール
Time: 16:00开场/17:00开演予定

[11 April] 4/11(月)
Hiroshima 広岛: 広岛文化会馆
Time: 15:00开场 /16:00 开演予定

[12 April] 4/12(火)
Fukuoka 福冈: 福冈サンパレス
Time: 17:00开场 /18:00 开演予定

[6 May] 5/6(金)
Osaka 大阪: グランキューブ
Time: 18:00开场/19:00 开演予定

[8 May] 5/8(日)
Saitama 崎玉: 大宫ソニック
Time: 13:00 开场/14:00 开演予定
Time: 18:00 开场/19:00 开演予定

[10 May] 5/10(火)
Sendai 仙台: サンプラザ
Time: 15:00 开场/16:00 开演予定


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[24 Feb 2011] Conversational Snippets from JKS

What JKS and fans talked about during the autograph session. Hopefully, this gives my slow brain a kick so that I can think of what to say to JKS if I do get to meet him! 🙂

Snippet 1: From fan account 4 fromDC 희망엄마

Fan: I want to go to Singapore.
JKS laughs and asks: You’re going?
Fan: Of course, I’m all prepared.
JKS: So fast?!
Fan: Give me an encouraging sentence that will cheer me up during tough times.
JKS: Cheer up… because you still have me …. Hahahahahaha (JKS breaks into usual loud laughter… maybe because he himself thinks it is too mushy)

Snippet 2: From fan account 3 from DC희망엄마

Read more[24 Feb 2011] Conversational Snippets from JKS

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[Personal] Singapore FM Ticket Order through Aphrael77

Updated 26 Feb

Colored Rhythms has announced this morning that Sistic tickets will be capped at 4 tickets per person, which means that I will only be buying tickets for ‘staying up late’ and myself (plus my 2 friends). So I will not be accepting any more order.

Apologies for this, but since there is no other person who has indicated interest, I suppose it’s fine anyway 🙂

I guess they want to avoid people buying many tickets at one go and denying others the chance to get a ticket, as well as to prevent people buying excess tickets in order to sell in the black market at jacked-up prices.

For a small group of Singapore fans to attend the FM together

Terms & Conditions:

Read more[Personal] Singapore FM Ticket Order through Aphrael77

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[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine autograph – Videos!

Credits: kawaiifrog0216

OMG!! Jang Keun Suk is soooooo CUTE!

Look at the way he talks to that fan wearing the rabbit-ears hairband!
Look at the intensity of his gaze and his smile! OMG, if I were her, I’ll absolutely faint!!
And I think I’ll blank out, like I can’t think of anything meaningful to say to him!!

Video 2 below. I spent a few seconds trying to figure out what the difference is between the 2 videos, think there are some slight differences but will leave it up to you to figure them out!

Read more[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine autograph – Videos!

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[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine Autograph Session

Well, we may not be there at Jang Keun Suk’s 1-hour autograph session in Hongdae, Seoul today, but the electric atmostphere can almost be felt through these lovely pics. The media cameras must have had flashed non-stop, thus providing us with so many pics of JKS from almost every angle and in almost every pose. The media had a fun time, though I almost went crazy uploading 92 pics into WordPress blog…. ugh … an utterly unpleasant and tedious chore that is only alleviated by sweet, sweet JKS gazing at me from every pic… drooling …

As the representative of the clothing line Codes Combine, what JKS wore is naturally of great interest to me. As mentioned before, my fashion sense is really lousy, so don’t quote me anywhere! I won’t admit I said that, haha…. Anyway, I think his attire is quite cool (cos of the black leather vest jacket), youthful (that’s the bright green pants) and at the same time, funky (that strange pic on his back)… haha… How does that sound?

Enjoy the deluge of pics!! And wait patiently for the page to load fully, ha!
For more pics,

Read more[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine Autograph Session

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[Official News] Jang Keun Suk Fan Meeting in Singapore – Schedule & Ticketing information

Event Schedule

The 2011 Jang Keun Suk Fan Meeting in Singapore weekend will happen over 22 & 23 Apr and consists of 3 key events:

Autograph Session
Photo-taking Session
Fan Meeting


Meet Jang Keun Suk up close one-to-one and get his personal autograph!

Date: 22 Apr, Fri
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Marina Square Atrium


Have the opportunity to stand on the same stage as Jang Keun Suk and crystallize the moment in a photograph!

Date: 22 Apr, Fri
Time: Estimated 8.00 pm (Will happen directly after the autograph session)
Venue: Marina Square Atrium


The highlight of the weekend! Get ready to be electrified and mesmerized by Jang Keun Suk!
Back in Singapore by popular demand, the 24-year-old actor of hit dramas ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ is a combination of good looks, humorous disposition and skilful acting blessed with the magical ability to rock the stage with highly engaging performances.

Having sung for the soundtracks of his recent drama projects, the actor-singer-dancer-model and DJ has received much recognition for his vocal talents. Attendees of his previous events have also been known to leave with nothing but praise for Jang Keun Suk’s dedicated performance. The star’s trademark humour and sincere fan service will make this an evening hard to forget.

Date: 23 Apr, Sat
Time: 7.30 pm. Doors open at 7.00 pm
Duration: Approx. 100 mins
Venue: University Cultural Centre Hall

Ticketing Information

Read more[Official News] Jang Keun Suk Fan Meeting in Singapore – Schedule & Ticketing information

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Hwang Tae Kyung lunchbox

Credits: daum via KeunSuk China

What a super cute Hwang Tae Kyung bento lunchbox!
Who would ever want to eat this?

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The original video shared here was deleted, so I posted another link.


Read more[ENG-SUB] ELT MV “STAR” and “MOON”

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Pics from Codes Combine website


For more,

Read morePics from Codes Combine website

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Animated gifs from ELT "Star" & "Moon" PV

All credits: SUKのFLY at Sukbar

For more,

Read moreAnimated gifs from ELT "Star" & "Moon" PV

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[Update] 2011 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour dates

After some anxiety among Malaysia and Taiwan eels, the dates for both countries have been confirmed according to JKS’ schedule on

There is no change to the other dates. I hope to go to the Malaysia FM too!

23 April – Singapore
30 April – Hong Kong
28 May – Thailand
5 June – Malaysia
25 June – Taiwan
9 July – Shanghai

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I ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷

Updated 23 Feb:
For English translation of Korean videoletter, please click “Continue reading” to view the post in full.
Translation credits: 소풍sopoong

Credits: pogny93 @ Youtube &

It is a very, very beautiful video and watching it brings tears to my eyes.

“I love Jang Keun Suk”

The message is simple. When one person says it, when two people say it, when hundreds and thousands of eels across the world say it, I believe in the uplifting power and love it brings to all of us and to our beloved JKS.

The message is simple, yet the video captures so many different ways of saying it, in such creative ways, drawing on all the little things in our lives that we may not have noticed otherwise… We can show our love for JKS, in our own ways and in our own lives!

The message is simple, but we say it from our hearts, loud and clear – Jang Keun Suk, we love you!!

To every single eel out there,

Read moreI ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷

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Zegda advertisements

Credits: Zegda @ Sina

For more,

Read moreZegda advertisements

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