[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine – 1 more video

Credits: leejoongjang

Ok, I simply cannot resist posting this video.
This is definitely different because, well, for one, Jang Keun Suk hugged a fan, which gave rise to oohs of envy.
Also, while JKS was sitting at the table waiting for the autograph to start, he was singing casually to himself … 🙂

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Wallpapers Freebie 8: On stage & past dramas

All credits: 張根碩原創部落@ Baidusukbar

Read moreWallpapers Freebie 8: On stage & past dramas

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[Fan-made MV] Because you're my woman

Credits: 木槿芽 @ Youku,
Made by Korean fan

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Haiker T-shirt

Gasp! The Codes Combine Haiker T-shirt that JKS wore on 24 Feb.
It’s so cute!! I want to get one!

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Ole Commercial 2

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar for video & Chinese subtitles; Aphrael77 for English subtitles

Cute but cheesy ….

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Animated Gif

Credits: Tende 텐데 @ JangKeunSuk.net

I love singer-cum-rocker Jang Keun Suk – he simply oozes tons of charisma on stage!

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