[Update] Japan Tour Schedule

The dates, time and venue of Jang Keun Suk’s Japan Tour schedule have been released on his Japan website.

Credits: Baidusukbar from JKS Japan website

★ 公演会场 及び 开演时间

[9 April] 4/9(土)
Nagoya 名古屋: 国际会议场 センチュリーホール
Time: 16:00开场/17:00开演予定

[11 April] 4/11(月)
Hiroshima 広岛: 広岛文化会馆
Time: 15:00开场 /16:00 开演予定

[12 April] 4/12(火)
Fukuoka 福冈: 福冈サンパレス
Time: 17:00开场 /18:00 开演予定

[6 May] 5/6(金)
Osaka 大阪: グランキューブ
Time: 18:00开场/19:00 开演予定

[8 May] 5/8(日)
Saitama 崎玉: 大宫ソニック
Time: 13:00 开场/14:00 开演予定
Time: 18:00 开场/19:00 开演予定

[10 May] 5/10(火)
Sendai 仙台: サンプラザ
Time: 15:00 开场/16:00 开演予定


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[24 Feb 2011] Conversational Snippets from JKS

What JKS and fans talked about during the autograph session. Hopefully, this gives my slow brain a kick so that I can think of what to say to JKS if I do get to meet him! 🙂

Snippet 1: From fan account 4 fromDC 희망엄마

Fan: I want to go to Singapore.
JKS laughs and asks: You’re going?
Fan: Of course, I’m all prepared.
JKS: So fast?!
Fan: Give me an encouraging sentence that will cheer me up during tough times.
JKS: Cheer up… because you still have me …. Hahahahahaha (JKS breaks into usual loud laughter… maybe because he himself thinks it is too mushy)

Snippet 2: From fan account 3 from DC희망엄마

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[Personal] Singapore FM Ticket Order through Aphrael77

Updated 26 Feb

Colored Rhythms has announced this morning that Sistic tickets will be capped at 4 tickets per person, which means that I will only be buying tickets for ‘staying up late’ and myself (plus my 2 friends). So I will not be accepting any more order.

Apologies for this, but since there is no other person who has indicated interest, I suppose it’s fine anyway 🙂

I guess they want to avoid people buying many tickets at one go and denying others the chance to get a ticket, as well as to prevent people buying excess tickets in order to sell in the black market at jacked-up prices.

For a small group of Singapore fans to attend the FM together

Terms & Conditions:

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