“News” Summary

Today is a day where making sense of all the news and thinking of what to write is giving me a headache ….. there are so many things happening, some good and some bad ….. so here are the “news”:

1. Backlash from Lounge H performance
2. Female lead for “You’re My Pet”
3. JKS 2011 Asia Tour Announcement by 18 Feb

(1) Backlash from Lounge H performance

All is not at peace today in Sukkie-land (that’s a word I coined to refer to the world of JKS and eels). We know that JKS took off his shirt during the last two Lounge H (LH) events for the encore, and you may already have heard from other sources that during the 14 Feb Lounge H event, JKS even revealed a bit of his butt line (I don’t know how to translate this!).

Some of Sukbar eels who had been following an online live broadcast of LH could not accept this ‘wild’ behaviour from JKS and posted negative comments about JKS:

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