[11 Feb 2011] Lounge H in Osaka

A beautiful poster of Lounge H, with a beautiful message on it from Jang Keun Suk:

“It has always been my hope, in a space where I can feel everyone’s proximity, to enjoy our time together. In the cherry blossoms season in Japan, I hope my wish can be fulfilled. Jang Keun Suk’s legend is just starting. Please look forward to the future me.”

Fans at Lounge H today can take home this beautiful A4-sized poster – so envious!

Lounge H has already ended, and from Sukbar’s online broadcast gathered from fans’ Twitter, it seemed to be a wild, wet event… … wet on account of the alcohol being sprayed around, and with JKS and Kurt dancing their hot dance, drenched in alcohol. JKS also pulled his manager Kim and another fellow worker on stage to join their dance and during the encore, took off his shirt and splashed himself with water/wine(?). Frankly speaking, if everything goes well and I’m able to get my hands on a LH ticket for the Singapore event, I’m not sure whether my heart can take it! Too ‘hot’ for me!

JKS shared that he had finished his new album’s song recording last week, and he sang a small part of it at Lounge H. One new song in his album is

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[Twitter 1] JKS from Japan

JKS Japanese Twitter update:
(credits: Baidusukbar)

Haha, I like this place. BB (Big Brother Kurt), since you’ve forgotten to bring your passport and can’t come here, take a good look!

哈哈,我喜欢这里,忘了带护照来的BB 好好看清楚啦

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[Update] 2nd Seoul Culture & Arts Awards ceremony

Bad news – for whatever reason, Jang Keun Suk’s name has been removed from the emcee list (3rd line in article). My guess is a conflict in schedule, but I fault the organisers for not confirming it before they publish news.

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