CodesCombine Interview with MBC – Eng subtitles

Credits: sukkieno1

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JKS Codescombine interview with MBC

Credits: bwyin @ Tudou

No translation yet, this is just for us to catch a glimpse of Jang Keun Suk at work. The guy simply oozes charm, not to mention he’s fun and spontaneous. At around 01:55 mins, JKS was interrupted in his photo shoot by one staff because he wore, by mistake, the pants meant for the lady model!! He’s so slim that he can fit into it!

还没有中字翻译,这只是让我们过过瘾,先一睹张根硕工作时的风采。不止魅力十足,还很幽默。视频 01:55分时,小帅拍摄被工作人员打断,因为他误穿了女模特儿的裤子!天啊,他好苗条哦,女生的裤子也穿得下!

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[Personal] A shopping trip that ends with JKS (not the real person, of course)

Late Sunday afternoon, I had to practically tear myself away from the computer to go on a last-ditch attempt to buy new clothes for the upcoming Chinese New Year, which I initially planned to spend hiding at home through the 4-day break over-dosing myself on my Sukkie addiction.

Unfortunately, one does not decline an invite from one’s boss to visit at her house, and on such occasions, girls will find that there is absolutely nothing suitable in the wardrobe to wear. I pride myself on being efficient at shopping – I walk into a store, usually take 1 to 2 minutes to scan the racks with my laser eyes, and I can either try something or walk out, by which time my sister is usually still plodding through the first rack (so we hate to shop with each other’s company). So with my usual efficient, whirlwind shopping manner, I had breezed through 3 shopping malls in my town and had nothing to show for it, and thus decided today to try my luck in the city.

Just when I almost despaired of finding the one top that I needed, I found what I wanted in the last shop, and still had a bit of time. Remembering that there was an article on JKS in the Jan issue of “Color” magazine, I headed for Kinokuniya and found it. I spent a few minutes agonizing over whether to buy it

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[Pics] Codescombine: More pics

Credits: tdedie @ baidusukbar

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[News] List of Planned Projects for 2011

It is going to be another bountiful year for Jang Keun Suk, as he reveals his plans for 2011 on his Japanese official website, as below.

1. Album release and Showcase in March
2. “My Pet Lover” (filming in March and airing in summer)
3. Performance tour across Japan
4. Asia Tour (6 countries scheduled)
5. Drama (in midst of decision for 2nd half of 2011)
6. Preparation for JKS Smartphone application
7. 15th Anniversary DVD and photograph book

More heart-stopping (or pocket-burning) news from yesterday – to commemorate 15 years of his acting career, Jang Keun Suk will release a DVD and photograph book. The DVD

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Wallpapers Freebie 2: Miscellaneous

Cr: yoyo @ baidsusukbar

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[29 Jan 2011] News snippets from Seoul FM and LH

These are what Jang Keun Suk said during his 29 Jan events, and what we hear from people who were there.

1. JKS will be recording his new music album from 31 Jan onwards, and he sang a line from his new song.

2. JKS said that he had wanted to produce an album earlier, but generally Korean music producers tend not to give very good songs to actors, and he had actually been in touch with many music producers before to ask for their help, but it was very difficult until he met the music producer of “Marry me Mary” (M3). JKS felt that he must grab the opportunity to collaborate with this music producer.

[Me: Don’t understand which record company / music producer would want to pass up the chance to collaborate with JKS whose star power almost guarantees good album sales?]

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[29 Jan 2011] TBS online broadcast of Yokohama Fan-meeting

What an extremely busy blogging night!

Unfortunately, the online broadcast was a complete let-down. The website was totally inaccessible and I only know of one eel who managed to watch it online. Guess I won’t be trying to watch online broadcasts again. The lesson to learn is, it is still better to buy the original FM DVD to support our Keun-Suk oppa 🙂

So here are just some screen captures of the show for consolation.

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[29 Jan 2011] Codescombine Men’s Spring Collection

Pic credits: tdedie @ baidusukbar

Read more[29 Jan 2011] Codescombine Men’s Spring Collection

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[29 Jan 2011] Frontline news from Seoul fan-meeting and Lounge H

For those of us not there in person at Lounge H (LH) today, these pictures are all we are going to see.

Haha, does it make you feel like attending LH, just to experience the electrifying atmosphere our dear Jang Keun Suk whips up? ; p
p.s. any other LH pictures of JKS circulated online will of course be illegal ones (so keep them to yourselves), since JKS himself always expressly asked eels not to take pics of LH.

First, the man appeared at LH with a sexy butterfly tattoo behind his ear, said tattoo being a side product that was on sale at the event.

Then, I laughed like mad at this next titbit of news.

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Wallpapers freebie 1

Credits: sonya @ KeunSukChina

The year 2011 should be sweeter with all these JKS candy calendar wallpapers to accompany you throughout the year.
Not sure whether you’ll get the full size when you save these pics to your desktop.

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Samsung Galaxy Player CF (Ep 1 – 2) Chinese / English subtitles

Credits: baidusukbar

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Korean CF for Codes Combine

Credits: baidusukbar

Ok, I feel guilty about posting this, because other than it’s a Korean commercial shoot for Codes Combine (a fashion clothes line assumably), I know about this as much as Baidusukbar does, which is, nothing much else.

So what all us eels are doing are just admiring his make-up in the picture above 🙂

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Updated Zegda Commercial

Credits: KeunSukChina

Jang Keun Suk’s Zegda commercial has started airing in China. This video should be clearer.

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