[08.06.2012] @wpsnewswps twitter


Wanna take a picture with me? Come on~
一緒に写真撮る?Come on~

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[08.06.2012] @colamercato twitter


[COLAmercato]He’s perfect for a picture, Prince of Asia, Jang Keun Suk!! For the first time in a long time COLAmercato shares them with you. Have a nice weekend seeing his pictures ~^^
[COLAmercato]막찍어도 화보가 되는 아시아프린스 장근석!! 간만에 올려드리는 꼴라메르까토 근짱의 사진 감상하시면서 즐거운 주말 되세요~^^

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[07.06.2012] bigbrother and wpsnewswps twitter


Team H won’t join CRI SHOW 2, but we are thinking about something fun. You’ll see what it is soon.
Team H 는 크리쇼2는 참여하지 않지만 다른재미있는걸 생각하고있어요 곧 알게되실거에요들


Welcome To My World!

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[29.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

UPDATE: added some pics
English Translation: Sarah Ye, tenshi_akuma

The last shooting was over safely.
He gave carefully chosen gifts to the each staff.
Besides, he expressed this thankfulness with a hug, autographs and photos each and every person.
I’m really proud of this kind of him.
막촬 무사히 잘 끝났습니다 정성스레 준비한 선물을 스탭들에게 전달하고 한 명 한 명 포옹으로 인사하고 싸인에 사진촬영까지- 이런 사람이라 너무 자랑스럽습니다

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[Notice] Let’s make a trend using #JUSTCRAZY on May 29th

Shared by @JKS_cri_j3
All eels! Let’s cheer up JKS acting without rest. Plz, tweet some cheering masseges with #JUSTCRAZY as soon as the last episode of Love Rain is over on Tuesday May 29th. You can use this “JUST CRAZY” logo and chained Crazy Suk ^^

tenshi_ akuma’s note: It means that “Let’s tweet something makes Sukkie cheerful and supportive and make a Twitter trend using #JUSTCRAZY after the final airing of LR. This attempt will start as soon as the airing ends. It’s at around 11pm (Korean local time) on May 29th. Don’t forget!

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[25.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter (1)

Credits: Angelnunhwa/JKSrealmotherbar

Background check: JKSLAND (a Chinese eels club) gave Jang Keun Suk and gift, a mini camera yesterday, he seems like it a lot. The first tweet in the photo, it showed that he bought lots of accessories for the camera. It is very exciting and happy for JKSLAND people to see that he enjoyed it a lot.

AsiaPrince_JKS: 큰일이다..앞 뒤 안보고 질러버렸네…..
It’s awful….I bought them too quickly without thinking…..

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[16.05.2012] Asia_PrinceJKS twitter

Get to action! Eels!!
움직여라 장어들아!! うごく!うなぎたち!!

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[10.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

Credits: JKSLAND / sa_sha26
English Translation: Sarah Ye

2012.05.10 02:45
예전에 했던 인터뷰를 다시 보는 취미..나보다 나이어린 후배가 내 옆에서 저런말을 한다면 바로 술 사줄듯..그리고 취하면 몰래 꿀밤때릴듯 ㄲㄲㄲ http://pic.twitter.com/DDFtIoZk
I like to review my previous interviews… (as shown in the picture below) if someone who is younger than me said those words, I will invite him for a drink. Also if he get drunk, I will flick his forehead.

*Translation of this words in the picture is:
I think that’s why the public is very amusing. They seem simple yet are also hard to please. But one thing for sure is that no matter how good a 25-year-old is at something, he’s still just 25. He could be a real genius but he can’t be better than an adult with more experience in life. Yet the reason I just honestly say that I want to be the prince of Asia is because I’m young so there’s so much for me to do. When I say my dream is to become the prince of the world, I’m not saying I’ll achieve it but that I’ll show the public how I work towards it. And I may fail or have to tread on a thorny path while trying but I think I should still walk it while cutting at the thorns. I’m not embarrassed of failing or suffering setbacks. I’ll just be mad at myself, not afraid of the public finding out about it. I may fall and get hurt but please root for me when I do fall! And of course, you’re also allowed to just ignore me too! Because I’ll definitely be back on my feet again! This is the ultra positive mindset I have.

I did research about the interview showed in the picture, this was part of interview he had with 10asia back to last year November. Here is the link of it.

Part I: http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/new_view.htm?sec=ent0&a_id=2011111719054299205
Part 2: http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/new_view.htm?sec=ent0&a_id=2011111716230228061
tenshi_akuma’s translation of the interview: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=8183

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[30.04.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

.. endure

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[24.04.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Credits: codeinconnu/subar/minzzangde
English translation: Sarah Ye and tenshi_akuma

엉엉엉… 건사마 26일 스케줄 빼야겠어요 장근석 만세! 장어 만세!
waa waa waa… Geon-sama, you must adjust the schedule on April 26th. Hurrah for Keun Suk! Hurrah for eels!

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[14.04.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter highlights

UPDATE: April 15

In Japan he got trend as a word “爆ツイ (tweet storm)”.
“爆ツイ” has become very famous among eels. Even though we didn’t use hash tag, eels tweeted like “JKS started tweet storm (爆ツイ)” and it became a big trend during that period! 😉

* Shown here are 33 of his 71 tweets.
Shared by Sukbar

JKS: ah ya my battery .. bye cri
哎呀我的电池..bye cri

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[10.04.2012] Tree-J twitter

Credits: Tree J/Sukbar Weibo /Cristina Rona ECI

04-10-2012 9:48am
장어분들, 굿모닝! 어제 서준으로 변신한 장배우 잘 보셨나요? 포토그래퍼 서준 실장님은 어떤 손으로 사진을 찍는지 궁금하실 장어분들께 서준의 멋진 손을 살짝 보여드립니다. 오늘도 우리 모두 사랑비 닥본사!!

鳗鱼们,good morning!昨天有看到变身为徐俊的张演员吗?摄影师徐俊是用什么样的手来拍照的呢 给好奇的鳗鱼们看看徐俊帅气的手吧。今天大家也要守在电视机前看爱情雨哦!!

Good Morning eels! Did you enjoyed Actor Jang who turned into Seo Jun yesterday?
Eels, who are curious about the beautiful hands of Photographer Seo Jun that he uses to take photographs, This is a picture showing Seo Jun’s awesome gentle hands. Please watch Love Rain today as well!!

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[Pics] Codes Combine


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[26.03.2012] Twitter collection

Shared by Sukbar, Sasha Twitter
UPDATE Tree J twitter 26-03-2012 9:33pm

“장어들아! 사랑비 본방사수! 내가 이렇게 지켜보고 있다!! 다들 티비 앞으로~!!” 라고, 장배우가 장어들에게 전달해달라고 하네요^^ 조금있으면 <사랑비> 첫방송 시작합니다. 장어분들 재미있게 시청하세요^^
“Eels! hold Love Rain to death! I am going to keep watching you like this!! Everyone infront of the TV now~!!” said Actor Jang. That’s the message he wants to convey to eels^^ The first episode of Love Rain is going to start soon. Eels have fun^^

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[22.03.2012] Tree-J twitter

I drew up a chronology of events. Please follow them from the bottom.

at 17:50
This time, Seo Joon in black, Jang Keun Suk.
이번엔, 블랙 서준, 장근석입니다.

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