[Pics] ASOBINITE!!!-SPRING SPECIAL- (March 8th, 2013)

Source: http://asobipress.jp/report/report_detail.php?id=4Bcx5NDw


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[27.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-27 11:58:30
what is Team H? 31
Team Flight

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[Video] 2013 Jang Keun Suk Team H Party in Thailand

Credits: shoppingtruelife
Source: http://tv.truelife.com/content/2314081

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[26.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-26 12:00:58
what is Team H? 30
It was the first and last snowboarding of this season!!!!!
Team H movement in ski resort.
My snowboard form is like a pig…..

Title: what is Team H? 30
Team H movement in スキーじょう

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[25.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-25 21:20:20
Team H in Bangkok
Team H in Bangkok
Outside of the room where Kurt was playing cards
Because of the aftereffects of that accident……..
Boss was playing with Pig a lot!!

Title: Team H in バンコク
Team H in バンコク

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[article] Review of “I just wanna have fun” on Singaporean magazine “i-weekly issue804”

Credits: i-weekly issue804 (i 周刊)
English translation: Christina Low frm ECI
Its a cup of Espresso. Exciting, seducing, crazy, definitely wont leave you bored and sleepy.
Listening to the album is like walking into a fullhouse club on the weekends, not a moment of silence, strong music beats in your eardrums, storming your brains. The purpose of each song is clear and simple, just one, that is for you to live now and have fun. No need to use your brain cells or emotions to understand in depth, just shake your head and dance your body, imagine yourself in a party partying without worries.
Perhaps its because of the easily understandable english and chinese lyrics, the one that leaves the most impression out of the 12 songs is ‘Feel The Beat’. Especially the part ‘Oh Eh Oh’ is most easy to remember, everytime hearing it will make you sing along, even after the song has ended.

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[23.03.2013] Jason Jang’s Weibo

Jason Jang: Daebak to Thailand Performance! haha, Bankok style! oh yeah!! He feel much better, don’t worry eels.
泰国演出大发!哈哈!曼谷style!oh yeah!! 他身体好多了 鳗鱼们别太担心!

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[23.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-23 22:39:01
Today’s diary
Today’s meal.
Keun-suk during makeup time.
A man with brown [tan] skin.
A fan intruded.
Kurt is also trying to get a tan.
We’re not here for fun.
We haven’t forgotten about it at heart.
We are here
for swimming, tanning, drinking, clubbing, picking up girls…………….
That’s all.

Title: 今日の日記

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[22.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-22 12:00:00
what is Team H? 29
It was a really good pair of shoes…
In spite of the situation like a pig… kk

Title: what is Team H? 29
ぶたみたいなじょうきょうだったのにもかかわらず… kk

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[22.03.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Click the link to view Team H film

Jang Keun Suk: That’s really a good shoe, even it was a pig situation.
http://t.cn/zYkF1YD 그는 참 좋은 신발이었습니다 돼지같은 상황이었지만.. ㅋㅋ

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[21.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-21 11:58:54
what is Team H? 28
The slipping man is Mr. Jang Keun Suk.

Title: what is Team H? 28

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[20.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

UPDATE: added the link of [20.03.2013] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo.
*NOTICE: This H-Film has English subtitles! Yay! Team H, zikzin to the world!!

2013-03-20 11:59:38
what is Team H? 27
Japanese main bodyguard, Makimura-san.
He is always working hard for us.
Please give him freedom, too………
I really…………………. respect him!!

Title: what is Team H? 27

tenshi_akuma’s note: SP means bodyguard. Makimura-san responded this post. He also posted so touching message to JKS. Check [20.03.2013] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo.

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[Trailer] Team H 3/24 17:00 FOX TV- warner music taiwan

Credits: jksTurkey

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[Pics-5] Team H Party in Shanghai_20130316

Credits as tagged
Source: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6c9ecedb0101gxe9.html

Most his pictures were already posted as Sina Entertainment pics. So I chose something different from my early post such as different angle or color.

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[19.03.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-03-19 12:26:28
what is Team H? 26
In winter, using a heater is essential.
I hate the cold as well as pigs.

Title: what is Team H? 26

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