[Feb 2011] JKS online magazine volume 04 百度碩吧線上雜誌 2011年2月份

All credits to: Baidusukbar

Did I say I love Baidusukbar? They’ve got Korean-Chinese translators, and a wonderful and dedicated publications team who brings us a pictorial highlight of Jang Keun Suk’s recent activities. Enjoy!

p.s. Please do not reproduce elsewhere without proper credits.



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Zegda CF Filming in Guangzhou

As Zegda’s first-generation product ambassador for a term of 2 years, JKS
is in Guangzhou on 3 and 4 Jan 2011 to film commercials. A support team
of 50 people came from Korea together with JKS to provide a slew of services
for the filming, testament to his international star status.

The filming sets, including that of a European-style small town, took 1
month to prepare at a cost of one million dollars. JKS will present different
roles in the commercials such as skateboard specialist and hip-hop dancer.
[Info from: Zegda @ Sina]

Filming was completed smoothly, and below is an account from one of the
filming staff, with credits to Baidusukbar.

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