Samsung Galaxy Player – JKS cut & interview [English sub]

Sukbar (Chinese translation and video)
English subtitles by Aphrael77 from Chinese translation

I waited for the English subs to come out. Either I missed it, or it didn’t, so I subbed it myself because this is a really great interview where I am smitten all over again by Jang Keun Suk (he always does that to me…).

His voice is so gentle, he’s modest and he’s always making others laugh. I love his laughter! And he’s so spontaneous, wanting to check out his body proportion though it wasn’t in the programme, and taking a dig at himself when his body proportion was less than what he estimated.

And when the ahjumma winner of the game was interviewed and asked what JKS’ charm was, I was very, very happy at her answer – what an apt description of JKS! All eels have very good taste in liking our JKS 🙂


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New Year Thoughts

Jang Keun Suk, posted with vodpod

Credits: deityswendy @ Youku

The long New Year break for the Chinese and Koreans is over. Many will be returning to work or school on 7 Feb, and so will Jang Keun Suk as he resumes his hectic schedule. Possibly, JKS has returned to Seoul on Sunday 6th as Lee Hong-ki tweeted to thank JKS for joining his birthday celebration.

To relieve the usual Monday blues (I start having them on Sunday night), here’s a video of a younger Jang Keun Suk, again, as always, with his cheerful smile to sustain us over the week ahead.

I usually don’t watch JKS’ works that are earlier than Hwang Jin-I (and I didn’t watch Hwang Jin-I too). Being addicted to a young man like JKS now is one thing; ogling at a teenaged version of JKS must be illegal – I feel like a paedophile or something. But owing to JKS’ absence of news these few days, some fan sites have started circulating his old videos and I came across this – his signature bright cheery smile that has always been there since his younger days.


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[Personal] A shopping trip that ends with JKS (not the real person, of course)

Late Sunday afternoon, I had to practically tear myself away from the computer to go on a last-ditch attempt to buy new clothes for the upcoming Chinese New Year, which I initially planned to spend hiding at home through the 4-day break over-dosing myself on my Sukkie addiction.

Unfortunately, one does not decline an invite from one’s boss to visit at her house, and on such occasions, girls will find that there is absolutely nothing suitable in the wardrobe to wear. I pride myself on being efficient at shopping – I walk into a store, usually take 1 to 2 minutes to scan the racks with my laser eyes, and I can either try something or walk out, by which time my sister is usually still plodding through the first rack (so we hate to shop with each other’s company). So with my usual efficient, whirlwind shopping manner, I had breezed through 3 shopping malls in my town and had nothing to show for it, and thus decided today to try my luck in the city.

Just when I almost despaired of finding the one top that I needed, I found what I wanted in the last shop, and still had a bit of time. Remembering that there was an article on JKS in the Jan issue of “Color” magazine, I headed for Kinokuniya and found it. I spent a few minutes agonizing over whether to buy it

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[27 Jan 2011] Showcase snippets

I must really report two snippets: one shows the usual wit of JKS in answering questions, and as for the other, I really need to spell out what I think of JKS’ friend.

Snippet (1):

Emcee: Where have you been recently?
JKS: China, Thailand and Japan not too long ago.
Emcee: Who did you go with?
JKS: Definitely not by myself.
Emcee: Don’t tell me you went with your girlfriend?
JKS: Closer to me than girlfriend… …

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[My Thoughts] JKS Travel Bug Bites – Part 1

Celebrities really have the power to stimulate the economy i.e. get people to spend more money. Just look at Jang Keun Suk for example. His popular dramas and movies must have sold lots of CDs and DVDs overseas notwithstanding online proliferancy, not to mention all the “You Are Beautiful” accessories (stickers, earrings, keychain, pig rabbit stuffed toys etc). Then he embarked on his Asia Tour 2010. Not only were all his fan-meeting tickets sold out usually within the first day of ticket purchase (and they don’t come cheap), fans trailed him from country to country, spending on airfare, hotel etc.

On the rising tide of JKS’ popularity comes more commercial offers. Ever since his commercial debut at the age of 5, JKS has been fortunate, with commercial endorsements pouring in almost every year. Just this year alone, he has been to China and Thailand to shoot advertisements.

Then the guy decides to cut a music album

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Cat in "Marry me, Mary" (M3) "瑪麗外宿中"可愛的貓咪

Credits: sorrowsdotear @ Baidusukbar

Very creative work done by fellow eel, sorrowsdotear, who made this M3 cat out of snow.
This post is evidence that I’m really bored out of my mind, with no news of Jang Keun Suk except that he has returned to Korea today. What do eels do without news of Jang Keun Suk?
mmm …. we look for cats to play with? XD


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Official website notice from Tree-J 官網公告

Forenote / 前言

Super long post, but it provides an insight into Jang Keun Suk’s background and current website situation.

Tree-J Company has made an announcement recently on JKS official website to advise official members NOT to re-post (original or translated) information, posts and videos etc outside of their website. After knowing this, I deleted my translation of JKS’ blog post (dated 6 Jan 2011) from my blog as well.

The notice caused an uproar and a divide among eels, some of whom think negatively about this new “guideline”.

So prepare a cup of coffee and something to munch on as you slowly digest the translation and my Personal Comments thereafter : )




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