[Rice Wreaths] for Hanyang University Charity Event_20140929

To support this meaningful event held at Hanyang University, eels all over the world showed their sincerity to the need. As always, we jangekeusukforever.com blog and Eels’ Club International (ECI) joined this rice wreaths donation, too. Unfortunately, because of the heavy rain in Seoul, our actual rice wreaths, banners and cheering messages were not displayed at the venue. To be honest, we felt sad, but at the same time, we understood that it was an appropriate action as the rice wreath with real rice would be damaged by rain.
This time we made two banners for this rice wreaths with the help of our ECI friends. We posted the banners with their credits version to show our thankfulness.

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[Notice] How to watch Nico Nico Live outside Japan

Many eels have asked us how to watch Nico Nico Live outside Japan. Some programs are still OK not to set up a special setting, but a kind eel, Pei Pei shared how to with image guidance. You can follow her guidance step by step. I hope you can see Nico Nico Live next time.

Special thanks: Pei Pei from ECI
One time registration for Japan VPN
1) Go to
2) Follow below instructions:

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[Notice] About a change of how to describe date on jangkeunsukforever.com

It might be a small change, but to avoid making our visitors confused, we decided to say it officially. From today, February 7th, 2014, we use the way to describe date ‘yyyy-mm-dd’. It means ‘2014-02-07’. In US and Japan (his country Korea as well), we use this order. But our blog ‘jangkeunsukforever.com’ has used the order ‘dd.mm.yyyy’ since before because it’s more natural in Singapore where our founder and sponsor Ivy (Aphrael) is living. But now we Sarah (Springsuk_USA) and I are the admins, so it’s more natural to use ‘yyyy-mm-dd’. Please understand our change. Thanks.

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[Beautiful Man] 20 Questionnaires about JKS’s Drama “Bel Ami”

Picture credit: star naver

Springsuk_USA: I can’t believe this drama is over!!!
“Beautiful Man” (Bel Ami) on KBS have finished showing. Here are some quizzes for you to answer as a review to the drama. Please write your answer to the questions in the comment, you can choose whatever the question you like to answer as long as you indicate number (#) of the question with your answer. If you want add some question yourself you are also welcome.

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[pics] ECI Rice Wreath Pictures from “Beautiful Man” Press Conference_20111119

Credit: Dreame.co.kr twitter

The company who handles rice wreath donation for drama press conference has tweeted all the rice wreath pictures from “Beautiful Man” press conference. Go to the above the link to check if your fan club has donated. Here are the pictures of ECI/Jangkeunsukforever.com’s rice wreath. For more detail about our rice wreath, please click HERE


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[Rice Wreaths] ‘Beautiful Man, ZIKZIN to the World!’

Yay! We did it again! To send our cheers and supports for Jang Keun Suk’s new drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’, we jangkeunsukforever.com blog and Eels’ Club International (ECI) donated 1,000 kg rice wreath for the press conference. Last time, at the ‘Love Rain’ press conference, ECI members were from around 30 countries… But now, eels from 63 countries are our members. This time we designed the main banner to describe him well as World Prince. Please look close at the banner. Can you see Jang Keun Suk was made of national flags? This is a mosaic art by Sao Sokunthea Meng!
main banner
On the banner, there is a big message we’ve promised our Prince before.
We sent it as a video message as New year’s greetings , but this time we put it in a big banner ^^
[Video] “2013 Greetings: This is Our Promise From Eels All Over The World”

No matter where you are…
Or how far your dreams are…
eels all over the world will always be with you
Our promise

And lastly there are names of eels’ countries at the bottom.
Plus, our message, ‘Beautiful eels from 63 countries for 1 Beautiful Man’.

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[pics] Jang Keun Suk at Press Conference of the TV Dramas He Acted In Since 2005_20131025

Credit: 美丽绽放cri weibo

Let’s looking forward to “Beautiful Man”!!!

One eel collected Jang Keun Suk’s drama press conference pictures through the years. Actor Jang is a hard worker, here you can see except in 2011 because he was filming movie “You’re My Pet”, since 2005, everyear there is one drama. Started from 2006 since was taking the leading roles in the drama. Since 2010 he also started his concert tour, Cri Show, also debut as a singer. Now, he had one Crishow1/2011 Crishow2/2012 and Team H show with his friend Big Brother. Still he keeps his foot in the acting area. I don’t want to give an idea to a pattern that he will be work on drama each year, because it always depends on if there is a good project he wants to work on, the script, the team etc.. Even he said he would do one drama a year. As I know he is a multi-talented artist and he is a serious actor. Now we are waiting for his 2013 drama “Beautiful Man” coming soon and let’s wish actor Jang the best!!!

2005 Love in Prague
He played Yoon Gun Hee, the brother of leading female role.

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[Question] Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?

Season has changed gradually to autumn… I don’t know why it’s the reason, but we are likely to feel lonely and become sentimental. So does our Prince. He asked us about such questions via twitter and LINE on September 10th.

Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?
Our great and romantic sweet poet Reb Doddrell from ECI shared her answers as follows.
Ah the past that brought you into my life, the present where I hold you in my arms and take comfort from your presence and the future in which lays my dreams for you and I. Everyday is important as long as it holds just a trace of you in it xxx

What is your answer?

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[Info] Jang Keun Suk has two birthdays officially… How come?

JKS has two birthdays officially. One is August 4th. The other is September 26th. New eels might not know what the difference is. We posted the reason several times before. But here we integrate the information.
The difference derives from which calendar we use to describe birthday; solar calendar or lunar calendar.

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[Notice] Our rules: A proper distance between our beloved JKS and eels

On August 12th, 장근석공식팬클럽Cri-J (Jang Keun Suk official fan club Cri-J) warned us about how to welcome him at airport. Because some selfish fans broke our rules and behaved badly to him. He didn’t expect such things would happen. So he seemed not to ask guards to stand by. Because he believed his fans. Most fans were well-behaved and ordered as usual. But some were not. You can glimpse the chaos from fan-cam taken at Gimpo airport on August 11th. We’re not sure those who behaved badly were other stars’ fans or just travelers. But Sukkie looked scared at them anyway.

I know most of eels understand and keep our rules. When we welcome or meet our beloved JKS, we just smile to him and wave to him nicely. But if you’re new eels, you might not know them. That’s why I tell you here again.

JKS is free-spirited and open to everyone. And he likes approaching his fans. But he dislikes to be approached too close by others. Touching and grabbing him are not welcomed. Rushing at him and mobbing are also not welcomed. Taking pics from too close without permissions is also not welcomed. As long as we keep our rules, he’ll be the one to approach us. What else can we ask for?

Imagine yourself in his shoes. You’ll understand what our rules are and what we should do. This is the notice link on our jksforever blog about this proper distance. Read [28 June 2011] Please do not touch or mob JKS!

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[Notice] We just created Music index page

We’ve posted some English translations of his music. Especially about his 2nd solo album “Nature Boy”, we did all translations and Romanizations. So we created Music index page on the menu. There are some useful indexes. You can also sort them by category “Music” too. Enjoy!

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[Report] TV Station Mega interviewed JKS Chile Fans Club

Credits: JGSChile
The original note source: Interview to JKS Chile Fans Club For Tv Station Mega

[ENG-SUB] Interview for Mega.cl to Jang Keun Suk Chile

Below is the note after the interview written by JKS Chile Team. Thanks for sharing your exciting experience. This video and note really show the world Jang Keun Suk is stepping into World Prince. Zikzin!

Written by: Alesshi ~ JKS Chile Team
Translated by: AleSmg ~ JKS Chile Team
Corrected by Mime ~ JKS Chile Team

Read more[Report] TV Station Mega interviewed JKS Chile Fans Club

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[weibo] A Touching Message from A Monk Who is Also An Eel_2013022

Credit: 妙华上师
Translated by Springsuk_USA

Note: This message is from a Monk. Many Chinese eels know him from weibo. He is an eel too. He likes JKS, he has been to JKS’s cri show in Shanghai in 2012 and visited Korea with some JKS related places. As many fans of JKS, he doesn’t know JKS personally, but I believe JKS would be proud and happy to know he has an monk eel who respect and like him so much. He likes say some praying and wise messages for JKS sometimes on weibo. This was posted today on his weibo account. I feel is very touching and inspiring. Weibo is like twitter used in China.

Many people on weibo are curious about why I like JKS so much. It caused a variety of questioning, speculation, slander, and defamation, even some of my Buddhism students have left me because they couldn’t understand my adoration to JKS. Until today, I wasn’t shaken by these views that do not understand me. I want to tell eels qingu: to appreciate a person who worth your appreciation, no need any reason. If you love JKS, please respect all the people who love him.

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[12.01.2013] Part 2: JKS’ 20th anniversary ad in International Herald Tribune

As the second and final part to international eels’ project to congratulate Jang Keun Suk on his 20th debut anniversary celebration and to mark the beginning of a new era of his showbiz career, Jang Keun Suk appears on another advertisement in The International Herald Tribune on 12 Jan and 13 Jan 2013. You can access the part 1 appearance (Dec. 22-23) on IHT from here.

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[news] Turkish Eels Showed JKS Ad on IHT to Korean Diplomats_20130109

Credit: Turkish Eel / Mirine Miri

Springsuk_USA’s note: The Turkish eels have done a great job of promoting JKS and his own countries diplomats to show how many fans support him in Turkey and the world. See the detail as follows.

Jan 09 2013, there was Korean culture event in Turkey, a Korean Parliamentary came to Turkey to meet Turkish who are interested in Korean Culture. Korean ambassador, Korean culture envoy and Korean culture undersecretary were there. They were asking questions to Turkish about which star they like and what Korean stuff they would like to see in Turkey.

The following report are from our ECI member Mirine Miri about the detail of the meeting:

I told them that we want to see JKS in Turkey and also want to see his dramas on Turkish TV etc…I also told them that we would like to have a Korean TV Channel like KBS Arab or KBS WORLD. He promised me to ask this with KBS. And The Culture Director took a note. (We hope that they will show like “Love Rain” and other JKS dramas on Turkish TV) And the parliamentary told us that he will bring Korean stars to Turkey. After that we showed IHT with JKS ad to Him. The Korean Undersecretary told the parliament. that it ‘s a famous popular newspaper and Turkisheels gave the initial idea for it. He was surprised and said: “wow, let’s take a photo of it.” :)) So we took this photo..And Korean reporters took our photos too..


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