“Oh my darling” radio version

Credits: ediepig @ Youku

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[Fan-made MV] “Wee” – We can make it

Credits: kanekyoro55
Shared by Jang Keun Suk Fans Club Malaysia on Facebook

This song “Wee” (meaning “we”) is sung by Jang Keun Suk, Tim and Sun Ho-young in 2010.

带上一首2010年根硕,TIM,孙浩英 的《WEE》= 我们

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“Bye Bye Bye” – clear version

, posted with vodpod

Credits: KeunSukChina

OMG!! Clear version! I love it!

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[MV] Promise You by.쩐자 -20110313

Credits: 쩐자
Shared by ediepig @ Youku

A moving MV done by a Korean eel for motivational purposes ….
I don’t know what it’s talking about, but hope that seeing Jang Keun Suk’s smile will bring happiness to all, as it does for me …

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“Bye Bye Bye” [Let me cry album]

, posted with vodpod

Recorded by natsuyuki
Shared by KeunSukChina

Apologies for the jerky quality of the song – this is a recording from radio and anyway, this is just a first listen.
Please also bear with the long stretch of the DJ talking in the middle of the song (not sure but I thought I caught some snatches of news about the earthquake or tsunami?)

I’m definitely partial to slow, nice songs and “Bye Bye Bye” falls into this category – I like the feel of the song.
I can recognize JKS’ voice anywhere when he sings in Korean, but when he sings in Japanese, I wouldn’t have immediately connected the voice to him – is it just me, or does his voice sound different in different languages?

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"Let me cry" – clear version

Credits: nuyou2001

I’m kind of a slow person when it comes to accepting or liking some songs. No problem with “Marry me Mary” OST – I love all four songs by Jang Keun Suk.

Here’s a snapshot of my thoughts process:

1st time listening: [playing it softly during lunchtime in office] I just heard a lot of loud noise…. Rock is not my preferred music …. Shucks, what is going to happen if I don’t like JKS’ song?! OMG…. @_@

2nd time: I still hear a lot of loud noise ….

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"Let me cry" radio airing

Please follow the link to hear Jang Keun Suk’s “Let me cry“!

Credits: Ryuka & KeunSukChina

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[4 Mar 2011] “Let me cry” Premiere Airing on Japanese radio station

Sukbar news from Japanese twitter says that Jang Keun Suk’s new song “Let me cry” will be airing on a Japanese radio station on Friday 4 March 2011. The radio programme runs from 8 am to 11.30 am, but JKS’ song is scheduled to air sometime around 8.30 am Japan time.

If this news is accurate, you can follow this link to the online radio station (remember to do your own time conversion), and see whether you can get to hear JKS’ new song!


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"Let me cry" Album Cover & Tokyo Showcase

Album name: Let me cry

Limited Edition Includes:
Track 1: Let me cry
Track 2: Bye Bye Bye
Track 3: 一绪に作ったメロディ
Instrumental versions of all 3 tracks
Coupon A to exchange for a gift at Tokyo Showcase (purchase of showcase ticket is not included)
Special: Limited edition DVD with footage of JKS’ song recording process and cover picture photo shoot

Normal Edition Includes:

Read more"Let me cry" Album Cover & Tokyo Showcase

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[Fan-made MV] I will promise you – Eng/Pinyin/Hangul Sub

Credits: Maiv4Love

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I miss "YAB" Video 1: Still As Ever Instrumental (A.N.JELL) MV

Credits: Maiv4Love

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[Fan-made MV] Because you're my woman

Credits: 木槿芽 @ Youku,
Made by Korean fan

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The original video shared here was deleted, so I posted another link.


Read more[ENG-SUB] ELT MV “STAR” and “MOON”

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I ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷

Updated 23 Feb:
For English translation of Korean videoletter, please click “Continue reading” to view the post in full.
Translation credits: 소풍sopoong

Credits: pogny93 @ Youtube & JangKeunSuk.net

It is a very, very beautiful video and watching it brings tears to my eyes.

“I love Jang Keun Suk”

The message is simple. When one person says it, when two people say it, when hundreds and thousands of eels across the world say it, I believe in the uplifting power and love it brings to all of us and to our beloved JKS.

The message is simple, yet the video captures so many different ways of saying it, in such creative ways, drawing on all the little things in our lives that we may not have noticed otherwise… We can show our love for JKS, in our own ways and in our own lives!

The message is simple, but we say it from our hearts, loud and clear – Jang Keun Suk, we love you!!

To every single eel out there,

Read moreI ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷

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ThereIsSomethingSpecialAboutYou_MooGyulMV_ByTende, posted with vodpod

Credits: jejehoi on Vimeo

Jang Keun Suk is my only reason for watching “Marry me Mary”. In fact, he’s my only reason for watching anything, haha! I don’t know why I think this MV is cute… perhaps it’s because of the cute song, and of course the ultra-cute guy …

And!!! Why do I not recall seeing the kiss scene at 3:18″ ???

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