[2020-01-05] CRI-J Twitter

[Notice] To Official Members of princejks.com:

Please note that emails sent by TreeJ (Christmas, New Year greetings, birthday cards) and photos attached at the above emails cannot be posted online (sns, etc.) This is the special bonus for princejks.com official members only.

Hope official members can comply with this.
Thank you!

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[2019-12-12] jksjapan Twitter

Today ’TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~’ is held in Osaka!!
Soon the door opens!
Eels, let’s enjoy yourselves fully with #TEAMH~!


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[2019-12-04] jksjapan Twitter

It’s a beautiful day without any clouds in the sky. Finally ’ TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~’ Toyosu (Tokyo) afternoon stage starts soon! Eels, let’s have fun together today~!!
At the venue, we’re selling today’s night stage tickets!
Please enjoy joining Twitter event too.


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[2019-11-27] jksjapan Twitter

In the venue of ‘TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~’ held at Toyosu PIT on December 4th and at Zepp Osaka Bayside on December 12th, his costumes and posters of TEAM H past stages are going to be displayed and given to the lucky visitors!!
Check the details on the special website https://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/2019_event/teamh/
The tickets are now on sale at ticket agencies♪

12/4 豊洲PIT、12/12 Zepp Osaka Baysideにて開催される 【 TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~ 】公演会場にて 本人着用衣装・過去の公演ポスターの展示&プレゼントが決定‼✨

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[Notice] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 11th member

Original source: Princejks.com-NOTICE

For international eels (who are not living in Korea), you have a chance to be the official member of Jang Keun Suk Korean fanclub ‘CRI-J’ next year, too. We provide the guidance how to join CRI-J here, copying the official info. You can apply this period only. Please don’t miss this chance 😉 If you’re CriJ 10th member, it’s easier for the renewal. Please check the procedures below.

tenshi_akuma’s note 1: Please read the post, [Notice] About cri J 11th membership again before you apply Cri-J 11th membership.
tenshi_akuma’s note 2: Perhaps this post (about Cri-J 10th enrollment procedure with images) will help you. However we’re not sure if there are differences on the website.

Regarding CriJ 11th overseas membership entry procedure and precaution details

Overseas membership enrolment period based on Korean time:
from 18/11 (Mon) 21:00 to 24/11 (Sun) 24:00

Please stick to the enrollment time.

1. Membership classification
1) New member (newly join member)
2) Renewal (old member)

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[Notice] About cri J 11th membership

Original source: Princejks.com – NOTICE

Official Fan club
2020_11th Regular Members Recruitment

Hello everyone, this is TreeJ_company.
Official Fan Club CriJ Recruitment of 11th Regular Members
Thanks to all eels who have been giving us support and love for ten years.
In the next ten years, and after ten years, CriJ will continue to work hard following the footsteps of eels.

Eels will bond together with Actor Jang and CriJ in 2020.
Please read the following regarding the regular member application.

– As follows –

1. Recruitment period
1) Domestic: 11/11 (Mon) 21:00 ~ 15/11 (Fri) 24:00
2) Overseas: 18/11 (Mon) 21:00 ~ 24/11 (Fri) 24:00
(The above are Korean time)

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[Pics] JKS’ exclusive messages for ZIKZIN FIRE

The fan event called ‘ZIKZIN FIRE’ planned by CRI-J was held on October 19th, 2019.

Eels who attended the event kindly shared some photos, and some of them are JKS’ messages to eels!

Shared on Twitter
English translation: Zoe from ECI

Flowers from Sukkie.
Big congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Cri J
I want to go too….your actor J


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[News] Jang Geun-suk’s Fan Club Donated Twenty Five Thousand Dollars to Charity

Credit: HanCinema
Back in August, actor Jang Geun-seuk had his thirty-second birthday. Jang Geun-suk’s fan club, Cri J, began a donation drive at that time, and on October 7th finished the drive and made a donation of $25,000 in Jang Geun-suk’s name to charity.

The specific cause being donated to is for people suffering from biliary atresia. The charitable contribution was made to and announced by an MBC adjacent charitable corporation that has long advocated for donations to assist children with unusual diseases. Jang Geun-suk’s fan club was founded back in 2010.

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[News] Jang Keun Suk received Giraffe (5th rank) of Order of Sports Merit

Original source: Princejks.com NOTICE
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Hello, this is TreeJ company.

We’re happy to announce the news about our actor Jang Keun Suk, who is currently doing military service in good faith.

On September 27th, Actor Jang Keun Suk received the Giraffe (5th rank of the Order of Sports Merit) at Award Presentation Ceremony for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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[2019-09-28] jksjapan Twitter

Thank you everyone who visited ‘COMEON JKS ZIKZIN PLANET’ that was held for 18 days! Did you enjoy the exhibition that you can feel Actor Jang everywhere??^^ See you next time at “TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~” held in December! TEAM JKS ZIKZIN~!!!♪
tenshi_akuma’s note: The message says, “If we’re linked by fate, we will meet again sometime, somewhere. Until then… Anyeong”


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[2019-09-27] jksjapan Twitter

The final day of COMEON JKS ZIKZIN PLANET has come…ㅠㅠ
The special tool to exchange of eels’ love to Actor Jang, ‘mail box for the future’ is full of eels’ love♡
These two familiar as members of TEAM JKS came and post their message to the box!
Until the end, let’s have a great time together!
*Walk-up tickets are available (Sold-out admission time tickets are not sold even at the venue).

tenshi_akuma’s note: They are JKS’ security guards in Japan, Mr. Makimura and Mr. Koike.

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[2019-09-26] jksjapan Twitter

!!Happy Birth Day JKS!!
September 26th is Actor Jang’s birthday in the new calendar.
That means his birthday carnival period ends today! Suni-Chan celebrates her Oppa’s birthday too♡
On this big day, a lot of eels came! Thank you!
Finally ZIKZIN PLANET ends tomorrow ㅠㅠ
Until the closing moments, let’s keep ZIKZIN with eels’ power☆

🎂Happy Birth Day JKS🎂
そんなZIKZIN PLANETは明日でいよいよ最終日ㅠㅠ

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[2019-09-26] CRI-J Twitter

English translation and note by Zoe from ECI

[0926 birthday support]
The photo sharing exhibition donation certificates, JKS- cake, champagne and small gifts are delivered to his company. (Details will be posted later on the official website.)

We think that actor Jang’s heart became sweet like macarones when he received donation certificates full of eels’ beautiful hearts.

Enjoy the few hours that are left of JKS birthday carnival!
Zoe’s note: There are 4 donation certificates in the photo. 120 million won eels donated at the JKS birthday photo sharing exhibition are split evenly between: orphanage Namsanwon, two charity organizations that help children and shelter for dogs Aeshindogscats.

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[2019-09-24] jksjapan Twitter

These are the costumes that he actually wore on stages and were displayed at the ZIKZIN PLANET venue in the first-half exhibition period! They will remind you of memories of his past concerts♡
Currently new costumes are replaced with them^^
In addition, various kinds of costumes are displayed. Please come and see them♪
*Walk-up tickets are available (Sold-out admission time tickets are not sold even at the venue).


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[2019-09-21] jksjapan Twitter

In Actor Jang’s dressing room reproduced for ZIKZIN PLANET,
Stage Notebook that was actually used for his practice of an event and his stage production is displayed…!
Please take and look directly… what is written in it♡
However, all were written in Korean…!!! T_T kk
*Walk-up tickets are available (Sold-out admission time tickets are not sold even at the venue).


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