Eastern TV (China) Interview

Video credits as tagged
English subtitles: Aphrael77

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[23 Apr 2011] JKS Brunch Interview

Credits: eelsusa

Thanks to niesjangeo for sharing this video!!!
I keep re-watching the interview. Love it!

This video shows all the reasons why I love JKS so much.
He’s so cute and witty, and in his words “so smart”. His genuine laughter ….

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[28 Apr 2011] Channel V interview

Video & English subtitles: Aphrael77

I missed out about a minute at the beginning about the emcee talking about his trip to Korea and his impression of Jang Keun Suk.
And I thought I heard the emcee say that they will be airing more news about “Marry me Mary” often (or did he say something like the interview will be shown in parts almost every day?? I wouldn’t have time to rush home every day to record!)

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[“Cut” Interview] Pretty boy’s BDC view of life

Aphrael77’s note:

I didn’t save pics of Japanese “Cut” magazine, so these pics are from Zegda and totally not related to the article at all ^^. Chinese website Sohu Entertainment translated the “Cut” interview.

As much as we all adore JKS’ pics, I love his interviews equally too. Provided the interviewer doesn’t ask questions that we’ve all heard before, interviews provide an insight to Jang Keun Suk. The more I know about JKS, the more I admire and love him. He is the most dedicated and professional actor I’ve come across, and always so passionate and responsible for the things that he does. 🙂

Sohu Entertainment – Korean star Jang Keun Suk’s debut “Let me cry” album, originally slated for release on 23 March, has been postponed as a result of the massive Eastern Japan earthquake, and now the release date is confirmed on 27 April. Television dramas such as “You are Beautiful” and “Marry me Mary” have made this actor the best loved Korean star in Japan. His official music album debut has been much anticipated, and fans are not unfamiliar with JKS’ voice as he has sung drama soundtracks at fan meetings and on television. His musical talent demonstrated in Lounge H collaboration with good friend Big Brother also amazed fans. Upon the first hearing of “Let me cry”, many Japanese reporters who are not familiar with JKS are greatly surprised by the explosive power of his voice, and comment that JKS is frankly a rock singer and has performed his debut song effectively. Recently, JKS accepted the interview of reputed Japanese magazine “Cut”. Facing the reporter who has a reputation for asking challengingly tricky and sophisticated questions, JKS was open and talked freely about his experiences thus far, and answered questions like why he chose to launch his singing career in Japan.

Read more[“Cut” Interview] Pretty boy’s BDC view of life

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[9 April 2011] Codes Combine interview on Entertainment Weekly

Updated with English subtitles

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar
English subtitles: Aphrael77

That guy is cute, he’s fun and I love to hear his laughter.
Enjoy the video!

p.s. if error is displayed here, please click on video to go directly to Youtube to view.

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[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 4 to 7

Pics scanned by KiKiWang0810 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation by Aphrael77

JKS’ White Valentine’s Day

Question: What habit do you have before bedtime?

Before I sleep, I will think about what I’m going to do the next day, maybe it’s work, maybe it’s only a friends’ gathering. To think about what may happen the next day, I feel, makes things run more smoothly.

Question: Although a celebrity loses a lot of freedom, at what times do you think being a celebrity is good?

Read more[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 4 to 7

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[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 3

Pic scanned by KiKiWang0810 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation by Aphrael77

JKS’ White Valentine’s Day

Question: Do you have any weird habit that no one else knows?

In the past, I used to switch on the television immediately after I got out of bed in the morning. It’s not because I wanted to watch television, it’s because if I don’t turn on the television, I would not get out of bed… Switching on the television gave me a feeling of not wanting to lose out to society.

Question: As a pretty boy, please share with us what is your definition of a real man?

Read more[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 3

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[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 2

Pic scanned by KiKiWang0810 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation by Aphrael77

JKS’ White Valentine’s Day

Question: Any memorable things done by fans?

No matter which country fans are from, they leave a deep impression on me, and I have many wonderful memories. The most special incident is regarding a fan in Japan. She would keep calling out loudly “Keun Suk ah” at the event venue and her passion is unforgettable. I’m also very thankful to her for her support.

Question: After becoming a well-known actor in Asia, what other work targets do you have?

Read more[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 2

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[9 Jan 2011] Ole TV Interview

Credits: Baidusukbar

Q1. What are your feelings towards this Ole event?

JKS: It is my 1st time in Thailand. I feel nervous. Thanks to all friends who came today. This Ole event is a stage for more people to know me. I feel happy. We finished the commercial yesterday, and had a happy collaboration.

Q2. How was the filming atmosphere yesterday? Any interesting incidents?

Read more[9 Jan 2011] Ole TV Interview

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[9 Jan 2011] Thai TV Interview

Credits: Baidusukbar

Brief Translation

He introduces himself as Jang Keun Suk from Korea. When asked what he likes best in Thailand, JKS said he came for work and did not have much time for leisure. He went to a shopping centre but there were too many fans, so security asked him to leave.

He thanks fans for their warm welcome at the airport. He did buy a bag at the LV shop the day before; it was the only one of its kind in Thailand, and he feels very happy at his purchase. He jokes that he has to start eating instant noodles from that morning and he feels hungry!

JKS has been working without a break since 31 December, but he feels happy about eating delicious food in Thailand, such as somdum. Being a fun-loving guy, JKS jokes with the interviewer and makes fans laugh. He tells the interviewer she is cute, and then says that is a joke (!). After that, he says the whole thing is a joke (!).

The LV bag that JKS bought

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[8 Jan 2011] TV Pool Interview

Credits: Baidusukbar

Most of the interview is conducted in hopefully understandable English except for the Thai and Korean self-introductions.
Jang Keun Suk shares some of his plans for 2011, including a commercial in Korea, resuming his studies, travelling again to Japan (should be in Feb 2011) and China, and shooting his new movie. And also his Asia Tour in Thailand, possibly in April!!!


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