[Berita Harian Glamor] EVERYONE’S HERO

Written by: Zul Husni Abdul Hamid
Translated by: Farina
Source: Berita Harian Glamor, Saturday 18 June 2011



His appearance brings a new wave to Korean drama fans, in fact the popularity that Jang Geun-Suk enjoys overcomes the phenomenon that was first set by the famous actor, Bae Yong-joon.

The 24 year old young man has enjoyed extraordinary success in foreign countries, especially Japan when his acting in You Are Beautiful has been repeated on multi channels there. The release of his first single, Let Me Cry which was also launched at the Land of the Rising Sun on 27th April received a very good response, at the same time putting Geun-suk as the most popular Asian star.

“Last year, after wrapping up Marry Me Mary, I only managed to have a 10 day holiday. After that, I have never rested,” he said, admitting that his schedule is so tight that he finds it hard to find rest.

The young man who was born on 4 August 1987 in Danyang, Chungcheongbuk Province, South Korea, began his artistic career at the age of six as an advertisement model. His career path was paved beautifully. When his parents wanted to sell their house, a buyer who was also a talent agent, encouraged Geun-suk to try his luck as a model.

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Sports Seoul interview prelude & partial interview

Aphrael77’s note:
I just read KeunSukChina’s translation which includes the prelude and part of the interview not described in Tengxun article. Also, there are some minor differences between these two sources, but there is not much impact on the overall meaning.

Source: KeunSukChina


Jang Keun Suk – An actor with intelligence and capability

“From summer last year until recently, I only rested for 20 days. My future schedule will be even more packed.” As a new-generation Hallyu star, the first sentence out of multi-talented artiste Jang Keun Suk who has been active locally and overseas under the focus of the limelight sounds gloomy.

Since April when the release of his debut single “Let me cry” shot up the Oricon chart, JKS has been travelling between Japan and Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia having his “2011 JKS The Cri Show” Asia Tour.

“The Cri Show” wraps up on 9 July in Shanghai. After finishing the Malaysia performance in early June, he has gone immediately to Jeonju movie city to film “You’re my Pet”. Besides eating and sleeping, all his time is taken up by the filming. From the end of June, his photo exhibition opens in 4 Japanese cities, and a JKS Festival will be held in Tokyo. To commemorate the broadcasting of “You are Beautiful” in Japan, there will be a series of performances too.

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[22 Jun 2011] JKS grateful to Kim Ha-neul for advice, wants to invite Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Seung Gi for drinks

Source: Sports Seoul
Chinese source: Tengxun Entertainment News


Korean star Jang Keun Suk released his debut single “Let me cry” in Japan on 27 April this year, which topped the Oricon weekly chart upon its release, and JKS became the first foreign singer to set this record. These results led the chief editor of Japan’s most reputed entertainment magazine “Oricon Style” to proclaim that “JKS’ era has arrived”. Public TV stations including Fuji, TBS and Japan TV subsequently produced special TV Feature to introduce the phenomenon of the JKS craze sweeping over Japan and also to track his latest updates. In addition to publications and magazines, the makkori that JKS endorses also rode on the tide of popularity and its sales volume soared. JKS’ first official merchandise shop in Shibuya has also attracted fans from many countries. Today, the Korean media also sees JKS in a new light and compliments JKS for his rapid growth. In commemoration of its 26th anniversary, “Sports Seoul” especially invited JKS to do an unprecedentedly long interview and does a complete analysis of the charm of this new Hallyu leading character. Below are the main contents of the interview.

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[20 June 2011] Shocking words from JKS: He wants to be super star & takes script into his coffin

Source: Jap magazine, AERA Mook article
English Translation: tenshi_akuma & Aphrael77
Chinese translated source


Tengxun Entertainment News – JKS is undisputedly the most popular Hallyu star in Japan today. Whenever he appears on the cover, the magazines are sold out; his first album topped the Oricon weekly chart upon its release. His latest drama “Marry Me, Mary(M3)” has just been broadcast on TBS, Japanese TV station. In April, the journalists from magazine “Hallyu STAR AERA Mook” flew to Seoul specially to interview the “little old man” (JKS’ nickname), JKS’ unique take on acting since he had started in showbiz at the age of 5.

While waiting for him at the interview room, we felt uneasy with a mixture of expectation and anxiety. At any rate, he’s a super star of the day. It was our first time meeting him. So no matter that we’ve heard a lot about him, we couldn’t help wondering what he’s really like. However, as soon as we saw his affable smile like a puppy as he entered the room, our worries disappeared. He’s as adorable as Mu-gyul and so cuddly even though he’s tall. Thanks for his sexy voice, JKS performs the role of “bossy” character such as Hwang Tae-kyung better. His exterior beauty takes down all of one’s defenses, and later as he relates his theory of acting in his deep baritone voice, it makes one feel deeply that pretty boys can be so in-depth too. Having played a character in M3 who lives his own life, JKS’ acting skills is also improving. He possesses the endearing child-like quality that makes people love him and virile charm of an actor.

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[15 June 2011] JKS’ interview by Korean fans


Credits: KeunSukChina & Sukbar’s translations
English translation: Aphrael77

The Korean-Chinese translators grumbled that JKS’ handwriting was very hard to understand!

——————— 10 Questions for JKS ———————
(JKS’ answers in bold here / in white in the pics)

1. What do you wish to say to jangkeunsuk.net members?

Change the message arrival indicator sound. I’m tired of it … hahaha ….

2. For how long will actor Jang’s love of the leopard print last? So long as it is leopard-print, anything is ok?

Maybe it will be fashionable for a while more, hard to say, in the midst of considering …

3. What is the correct meaning of ㅊㅈㅊㅈ? And the new phrases you use recently?

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[Taiwan magazine] Fans – June 2011 issue

Scan credits: Chicken Little
English translation: Aphrael77


JKS has started a chain of events in the Greater China region. Following Singapore and Hong Kong, he’s coming to Taiwan for the 3rd time in June. Eels, don’t miss any chance of meeting him!

Every time JKS comes to Taiwan, it will definitely result in a mad rush for tickets. On 7 March 2010, after JKS shot to fame based on “You are Beautiful”, he had his first fan-meeting at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. 3,000 tickets were sold out quickly; even JKS’ parents who were with him did not have seats, evidence of how hard it was to get a ticket. On 2 Oct of the same year, JKS and Park Shin-hye had their fan-meeting at Taipei University Stadium, 4,000 tickets were sold out quickly. JKS and PSH sang a Chinese duet “You’ll marry me tomorrow”, an unforgettable memory for fans.

In 2011, JKS is coming to Taiwan for the 3rd time, and also at the stage of Taipei University Stadium. Compared to the previous 2 times where JKS met fans as an actor, this time JKS will bring everyone a different musical experience with his fresh new image as a solo singer! And on the 1st day of ticket sales on 21 May for his “2011 Jang Keun Suk The Cri Show in Taipei”, tickets were sold out in as short as 43 minutes. After many fans feedbacked their unhappiness about not managing to buy tickets, the organizers worked hard to negotiate an additional show on 24 June, hoping to satisfy all fans. JKS truly has earned his title of being “Asia’s Most Popular Korean Male Artiste”, he is definitely the Popularity King of the new Hallyu generation!

—————————– Contest for fans —————————–

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[13 June 2011] 8TV interview

Credits: akikochen
Shared by: dream
English subs: Aphrael77

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[10.06.2012] TBS Joho 7days Newscaster

English subtitles: tenshi_akuma

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[7 June 2011] JKS Interview in “3 FOR YOU”

Credits: ladymoon029

For part 2,

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[interview] Japanese magazine ≪女性セブン≫

Chinese translation: 杨嘻嘻miyuki_jks @ Sina
English translation: Aphrael77


These fragments of news come from a Japanese magazine ≪女性セブン≫ translated by miyuki_jks.

Part 1

JKS jokes, “if fans are searching for a ‘herbivorous man, carnivorous man’, then I am herbivorous by day and carnivorous by night. And in response to the trendy topic of plastic surgery in Korean showbiz, JKS answers the question in a humorous manner, “Looking at myself in the past feels like looking at my own brother.”

[Aphrael77: “herbivorous” seems to refer to more gentle or homely characteristics while “carnivorous” refers to more predator-like, aggressive characteristics]

Part 2

JKS was born in Seoul on 4 August 1987 and due to his grandfather’s career reaching its peak, the whole family moved to Danyang for the expansion of his grandfather’s business, until JKS was in grade 5 in primary school. In order to understand more about JKS, the reporter went to Danyang to research for information. Neighbours say of JKS, “His round and chubby face in the past was very cute. He liked to use an adorably beseeching tone, and was well-liked by adults.”

Part 3

At that time, his grandfather was in charge of fish farm management and grandmother in charge of preparing meals in the kitchen. JKS’ mother would help his grandmother prepare meals when she had the time. The task of feeding the fish bait was given to JKS.

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[24 May 2011] Jap magazine: Shukanjosei

Special thanks to tenshi_akuma for English translation


“I wanna get married sooner than next week…”

It was our exclusive!!!

We went to Korea to see JKS, who has become a craze after “You are Beautiful(YAB)” broadcasted in Japan. In YAB he played a charismatic vocalist of a very popular pop group. And also in his latest featured drama “Marry me Mary (M3)”,which is now broadcasting in Japan, he played a musician.

“I wish I could live like Mu-gyul. He isn’t influenced by money. He lives freely by music alone,” JKS told us the reason why he decided to play the role, Mu-gyul, a vocalist of an indie band.

M3 is a romantic comedy drama, beginning with a fake marriage between Mae-Ri and Mu-gyul to escape from an arranged marriage. In M3, Mae-Ri describes Mu-gyul as a

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[June 2011] EASY Interview

Pic credits: as tagged
English translation: Aphrael77

* It was already late into the night when Jang Keun Suk accepted Easy’s interview, but he did not show any sign of exhaustion despite a full day of gruelling schedule. He was equally lively when it came to talking. Easy is very touched and grateful to JKS for speaking so much in his response to questions, and the little amusing incidents that happened during the interview also swept away the exhaustion of waiting and made the interview a happy one.


Venturing out of Korea and having achieved much success in Japan, Jang Keun Suk is apparently not contented with his excellent results. This talented young man has set his sight on the much broader China region. The contract-signing ceremony in Shanghai on 16 April is still a fresh memory, and JKS’ grand journey is just starting.

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[Mag article] Jang Keun Suk realizes dream of being a singer

Credits: TVB Weekly No. 724 20110509
Shared by: BlueInLive

After a year, the beautiful guy still retains his charm. Earlier, JKS came to Hong Kong to hold his fan-meeting. Besides the many fans who turned up at his fan-meeting, wherever JKS went, he received much support, evidence that this beautiful guy has his attractiveness.

From “You are Beautiful” to “Marry me Mary”, JKS has been acting the role of singer. In real life, he also has a dream of being a singer, and this year, JKS has finally realized his dream. He released his debut album in Japan and has achieved excellent results, once again proving that with determination, dreams can come true.

Motivation from fans

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[Interview] Hard to forget ex-girlfriend, JKS filmed swimming pool scene

Credits: Hong Kong Ming Bao Weekly香港明报周刊 – 2217 issue
English translation: Aphrael77

Having shot to popularity last year based on Korean drama “You are Beautiful” (YAB), Jang Keun Suk came to Hong Kong last Thursday for his “Jang Keun Suk 2011 The Cri Show in Hong Kong” and stood on stage as a singer. Last year, JKS had expressed dissatisfaction with the Hong Kong media for pursuing him in his private life. In our interview, JKS talks about his feelings and love story; also on this trip, JKS has also filmed a video clip at the hotel’s swimming pool.

JKS was not a singer but had been invited many times to sing soundtrack for his dramas due to his singing prowess, and his good singing voice has long been acknowledged. Determined to make acting his focus, JKS only released his first Japanese EP “Let me cry” in April this year after many years in showbiz. The hit song then proceeded to top Japan’s Oricon charts with sales surpassing 100,000.

“Having been in showbiz for so many years, all along I did consider releasing an album, but

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Eastern TV (China) Interview

Video credits as tagged
English subtitles: Aphrael77

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