[PrinceJKS Youtube] TEAM H / Can’t Stop- JPN ver -[MV]

Credits: PrinceJKS

참을만큼 참았어 is translated as “Can’t Stop”.
I replaced my previous translation with it.

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[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” as Seo In-ha in 1970s

Credits: KBS


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[Pic] @star1

Credits: @star1



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[Video] 참을만큼 참았어 (Can’t Stop) ~JPN ver.~

Credits: ponycanyon

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[Video] “Love Rain” teaser

Credits: KBSdrama

Read more[Video] “Love Rain” teaser

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[Video] U-gata TV_20120302 (no-subbed)

Credits: HicriBlog

His new hairstyle was finally revealed!!!

Read more[Video] U-gata TV_20120302 (no-subbed)

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[Video] ZIP & PON_20120301 (no-subbed)

Credits: JKSgogo

Read more[Video] ZIP & PON_20120301 (no-subbed)

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[Pic] Tree-J building

Credits as tagged


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[News] KBS temporary “Love Rain” site opened

UPDATE: this site isn’t the official site, temporary one
UPDATE: translation
Credits: KBS

KBS2 will start broadcasting “Love Rain” at 21:55 on March 26. And the official site finally opened. Unfortunately the contents are all Korean, so I can’t figure out the original fully. But the content looks nice, so I tried to share them somehow…
KBS “Love Rain” official site


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[Pics] World Prince Shop (WPS)

Credits: Sweet on JKS Days and tagged

Feb. 29, 2012 was the opening day of WPS. Unfortunately we had snow in Tokyo, so the shop opened 2 hours earlier than regular opening time.

This is the entrance.

Read more[Pics] World Prince Shop (WPS)

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[Pic] Drink 统一 (Tong Yi) fruit juice CF

Credits as tagged


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[Video] BTS of MV can’t stop.. LOUNGE H

Credits: mrsjenjang

*How to watch: See the comment below
*UPDATE (June 3rd): password has changed in June!!!

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Credits: projectweparty

Check the vid around 00:25! You’ll watch Sukkie with a black cap on ^^

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[28.02.2012] “Love Rain” shooting tour to Hokkaido, Japan

Credits as tagged
In Japan shooting pics were prohibited, so there very few pics… T_T

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[28.02.2012] Weibo

Drink 统一 (Tong Yi) fruit juice!!! Yummy Yummy!!!
통일 과일주스를 마시고~~~ 냠냠냠냠~~~

A glimpse of Sukkie’s new hairstyle
Asymmetric hairstyle!? It’s appropriate to a fashionable photographer!!!! Wow!

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