[Pics] YMP Fan Meeting @Kyosera Dome

Credits: KimipeMovie Facecbook

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[Video] App store “qiip” CF

Credits: qiipJapan

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[11.02.2012] Tree-J & jksjapan Twitter

Thank you for coming, everyone!!!

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[Pics] YMP Fan Meeting rehearsal @Kyosera Dome


YMP cast in rehearsal!! They had gone through a rehearsal for a long time^^;
All for the real stage tomorrow!!

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[10.02.2012] jksjapan Twitter

Credits: @jksjapan

Voila! I’m ready. I’ll have a rehearsal now.


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[10.02.2012] From Seoul to Osaka

Credits as tagged

Sukkie and YMP cast visited Osaka for YMP fan meeting!

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[09.02.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

oh…I’m sleepy
아 졸려…

*Sukkie tweeted at 4:45 am (local time in Korea) on Feb.9

Credits as tagged (image pic not related to the twitter directly)

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[07.02.2012] Twitter from Zo Sun Hi

Credits: @zosun_hi

I wonder I’ve given a lot of service for JKS’ fans these days…

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[Pics] Nishinippon Shimbun

Credits: Nishinippon Shimbun


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[ENG-SUB] Kuwazugirai-Ou_20120202

English subs: tenshi_akuma

This TV program is that guests eat their favorite food, which includes their least favorite. So each guest tries to figure out what the other hate. The MC are Japanese comedy duo, “Tonneruzu (Tunnels)”. Their talk includes a lot of adult talks… It’s their style. So I try to translate it into moderate expressions. I’m sure they likes Sukkie. They likes nasty jokes to entertain their guest. Anyway, let’s enjoy! 🙂


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OMG! I won Sukkie’s body pillow!!!! T_T

Did you remember all eels’ dreamy present, Sukkie’s body pillow?
LAWSON sales campaign: Sukkie’s body pillow

Today a big parcel arrived for me, and it was Sukkie’s full-length body pillow!!!! I still can’t believe but I was selected one of the luckiest 300 winners! 🙂
When this campaign was planned, I was in Canada. So I asked my mother to apply for it instead of me. She prayed when she mailed the application form, saying “Please God. Give it to my daughter”. I can’t thank her enough. This pillow will heal my light sleeping or not?

When I open the big parcel…, there was a vacuum storage bag.

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[Pics] Codes Combine Haiker 2012 SPRING

Credits as tagged

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[ENG-SUB] Mnet_20120201

English subs: tenshi_akuma

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[Video] Message from JKS about “CRI-J -season 2-“

Credits: KeunSukChina
CH-ENG translation: Aphrael77

Message from Jang Keun-suk: about his one-man-only magazine “CRI-J -season 2-”
[Magazine] Cri-J (Season 2)

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