[09.06.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

깨진 아이폰 뒷판이 무슨 무늬마냥. 뱀피마냥.거밋줄마냥ㅋㅋ wps에 사람이 그렇게 많다면서요?!?!

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[Pics] JKS at Seiryumon (青龍門)

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a photo taken with the staff

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[09.06.2012] @wpsnewswps twitter

This guy is shorter than I!

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[09.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter


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[Event] Use LOVERAIN board freely!

Credits: KBS

Use LOVERAIN board freely!

If you are a fan of LoveRain, you can write on the LOVERAIN board freely!
LOVERAIN board is a Freeboard which is that love fans can upload their posts freely. You can write anything about LOVERAIN on this board! ^ ^

LOVERAIN web site> Community> LOVERAIN

[How to use LOVERAIN board]
1. Choose COMMUNITY> LOVERAIN、on the main page of this web site。
2. Click “書く(Writing)”

Read more[Event] Use LOVERAIN board freely!

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[Event] the first fan art page : Rainbow board

Credits: KBS

the first fan art page : Rainbow board

RAINBOW board has opend! Rainbow board is an official fan art board!
☂We hope your lots of comments on the posts~
It’s one of the fan art works posted on Rainbow board.


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[Event] Tell us your favorite Love Rain quote!

Credits: KBS

Tell us your favorite Love Rain quote!

Tell us your favorite Love Rain quote! We will make them into an image!
*This event has continued before.

tenshi_akuma’s note: please tweet it to @LoveRainTV when you find some good quote in English! I’d be happy when you tweet, post your quote here, too.

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[Event] What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?

Credits: KBS

What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?

Hello, Love Rain fans~
What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?
There are lots of great scenes such as In-ha and Yoonhee went under a broken umbrella, In-ha read Yoonhee’s letter in the train and first kiss scene between Jun and Hana.
Please leave your favorite scene as a comment and share your opinions with Love Rain fans from all over the world!

[How to translate comments]
1. Click the “번역(translation)” button on the lower right of each comments.
2. If translation pop-up is shown, choose language and click “번역(translation)” button.
3. Click the “번역 적용(apply translation)”, then you can see translated comments.

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[Event] Love Rain never ending story

Credits: KBS

Love Rain never ending story

Love Rain has ended happy ending with Seo-Jun and Hana’s marriage.
But what if In-Ha and Yoonhee meet again!? What if Seo-Jun and Hana are finally falling out!?
What do you think about Love Rain ending? Are you interested in LoveRain after story?
Please read below participation guide, and we hope your lots of participation!

[How to participate]
1. Only members of this site can write a post. Click “Join us” on the upper right of this site.
-Translation of “Join us page” : http://bit.ly/KHO2V3
2. Write your own Love Rain ending on Love Rain board.
-Board location : Community > LOVERAIN
-How to use the board : http://bit.ly/JI7cGc
– You can only participate in our official web site, ‘sarangbi.kr’. You cannot particpate on Loverain mobile application.
– If you cannot sign in on our web site even though you joined on Loverain mobile application, you should join this website with a new ID.

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[Event] Send your supporting messages to LoveRain staff and actors!

Credits: KBS
After airing the finale of “Love Rain”, KBS announced a lot of interesting events.
Here I’ll show you one by one.

Please send your supporting photo messages to LoveRain staff and actors!

[How to participate]
1. Write your supporting message. (Please refer to above sample image when you write your message.)
2. Take a photo with the supporting message in your location.
3. Upload the photo on Loverain Twitter or Facebook.
※Caution : When you are uploading your photo, don’t miss writing your country!

Read more[Event] Send your supporting messages to LoveRain staff and actors!

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[Vote] Mnet 20’s Choice

Credits: CJ E&M CORP.

The One and Only Summer Awards in Korea, Mnet 20’s Choice is all about the trend of people in thier 20s, and presents fresh and new awards with shocking performances.

2012 20’s choice is with the people from Korea along with the fans from all over the world who love the K-POP/Culture. Every fans from all over the world are allowed to vote for the 20’s choice once a day per one ID, and you have to vote in all categories to complete the one voting process.

Please vote for the best star of the year 2012!
– Voting Period : 2012. 06. 07 (THU) 18:00 ~ 2012. 06. 27 (WED) 24:00
(Korean Standard Time / GMT +9)
– The Right to Vote : Everyone is allowed after logged in.
(Mnet.com members are allowed to join after free registration in Global Mnet.com)

Access the link below and vote for JKS under the category as Global Star. You have to vote all categories.
Mnet 20’s Choice

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[08.06.2012] Tree-J staff twitter


We had a good response to photos!
헐… 사진 반응이 너무 좋다! 일본 장어님의 프로필 사진! 저도 너무 귀여워서 허락받고 받았어요 : )

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[Fan-made MV] loverain MV “first love ” – jangkeunsuk

Credits: eunhee8537

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[08.06.2012] @wpsnewswps twitter


Wanna take a picture with me? Come on~
一緒に写真撮る?Come on~

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