[30.12.2011] Tree-J twitter


This Sukkie is soooooo cute and alike!!!

Korean message translation:
Cri-J eels~ Happy New Year. In 2012 also, go on together with actor Jang~! Go Go!! Best regards from all Tree-J staff
Cri-j 鳗鱼们~新年快乐。2012年也要和张演员一起走下去哦~!GOGO!!Tree-j 全体员工 一致敬上

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[PrinceJKS Youtube] Happy New Year from JangKeunSuk

Credits: PrinceJKS

JKS said New Year’s greetings in 12 languages!!!
He’s stepping up to World Prince!!!! 🙂

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[trailer] JKS KBS documentary (Jan. 1, 2012)

Credits: gaonnuri22

The previous post is here.

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[Interview] MORE Feb. 2012

English translation: tenshi_akuma


Read more[Interview] MORE Feb. 2012

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[ENG-SUB] sukkiri_20111229

Credits: cocochan531
English translation: tenshi_akuma

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[full version] CRI SHOW at Tokyo Dome on WOWOW

Credits: JKSandYOU at weibo
Shared by QQeyes007

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New Lotte gum “Frutio” bottles

Credits: LOTTE Co., Ltd.

Lotte Co., Ltd announced that they will sell new fruits flavored gum “Frutio” bottles on Jan. 31, 2012. The previous package is designed as “cuteness.” Instead this time the package is designed as “cool and sexy.”


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[Interview] ELLE Japon Feb. 2012

Credits: ELLE Japon
English translation: tenshi_akuma


In his latest movie JKS became a pet of a female senior
Jang Keun Suk, he is the very person who has captivated Japanese women’s hearts. He broke through as a star after broadcasting TV drama ‘You Are Beautiful’ and since then he has succeeded in his career as a singer as well as an actor. In fact, he just finished his first performance at Tokyo Dome in November successfully. In his latest movie ‘You’re My Pet (YMP)’ based on Japanese comic, JKS played Kang In Ho, a pet as well as a young prospective dancer, living under the same roof with a career woman, Ji Eun who is not good at love.

Read more[Interview] ELLE Japon Feb. 2012

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[ENG-SUB] Shufoo! CF long version

English subs: tenshi_akuma

Shufoo_221211 by sniffiv
Mediafire download

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[News] NO.1 DVD sales on idol/image category in 2011


According to the news “The annual sales ranking on images in 2011” ORICON announced, JKS’ first photo book and DVD “THE ROMANCE JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION LIMITED” (released in July) sold 24,000 sets a year and won the first prize on the idol/images DVD category. It’s been five years since foreign stars, Kwon Sang-woo in 2006, won this category.

Read more[News] NO.1 DVD sales on idol/image category in 2011

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[Pics] Zegda 2012 CF

Credits as tagged
For more pics,

Read more[Pics] Zegda 2012 CF

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Trailer of Tokyo Dome special program

Credits: cocochan531

This is the trailer of special TV program, “JANG KEUN SUK 2011 THE CRI SHOW IN TOKYO DOME THE BEGINNING” broadcast on Dec. 24.

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[16.12.2011] Pics taken by Japanese YMP staff

Credits: KimipeMovie

This is the latest pic taken during the interview.
For another pic,

Read more[16.12.2011] Pics taken by Japanese YMP staff

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[Video] Love Rain media panel discussion on 13 Dec.

Credits: jri582

Video 4 and 5 updated

For more vids,

Read more[Video] Love Rain media panel discussion on 13 Dec.

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[UPDATE] JKS appeared on Verbal Jint’s MV

*UPDATE: Full version was released

Today Verbal Jint’s new single 감사감사 (thank you) was released. And the MV was also released. So I replaced the teaser to full MV. You can find many Sukkie after 1:30. In this MV, there are many scenes shot in Tokyo Dome. You also glimpse Sukkie’s visit at Verbal Jint’s live.

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