Team H special program will be webcast on March 20

In commemoration of the debut of Team H in Japan, their special program will be webcast for 15 hours on NICO NICO LIVE, the same webcast site of Team H special live on Feb. 21. Watching the program, you have to sign up as a NICO NICO LIVE membership. I introduced the procedure how to sign up it before. I post the link of the introduction below.


You can enter the live page on March 20 at 20:50 (Japan local time), 10 minutes before the program begins. The program will starts at 21:00.
— web-casting hours: from 21:00 on March 20 to 12:00 on March 21
— time-shift of validity period: one month

The scheduled contents are below.
— web-casting of full MV “GOTTA GETCHA” “Can’t Stop -JPN ver.-”
— trial listening of all the tracks of their debut album “Lounge H The First impression”
— their exclusive interview

And also you can book the live and watch it later (but only once, be careful!), using the feature called “タイムシフト予約 (time-shift)”. You can watch it from 30 minutes to a month after the show ends. I think you can check the exact deadline on the web.

Access the special page of Team H program webcast

How to watch Nico Nico Live

How to watch the time-shift of Nico Nico Live


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[Magazine] KBOOM 2012.5


The magazine will be available on March 21.

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1st Japanese “Love Rain” poster


PONYCANYON made the fist LR poster in accordance with broadcasting LR in Korea.

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Shipboard shooting tour for “Love Rain”?


Harmonycruise JAPAN, which arranges various cruise between Japan and Korea, announced that they organized their new cruising plan for 3 nights/ 4 days which will depart from the Port of Osaka, Jeju-do to Incheon on April 12. The highlight of the tour is the shipboard shooting of “Love Rain” on the 3rd day (April 15). About 90 minutes’ shooting is scheduled.

It is not clear yet whether some fan events are planned or not… They just said, “Enjoy special cruising tour to Korea”. But the cost of the trip looks higher than other trips… (See the below)

It’s not an official tour planned by Tree-J or Frau, so I’m afraid this tour looks to capitalize on LR’s fame. I hope the participants will enjoy this cruise even if they can’t see much of JKS and Yoona.
Sanshin Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Harmonycruise JAPAN

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[Pics] KBS shooting pics of “Love Rain” in Hokkaido

Credits: KBS


Read more[Pics] KBS shooting pics of “Love Rain” in Hokkaido

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[News] “Team H” cafe will be open for a limited time in Tokyo


In commemoration of their debut album “Lounge H The First impression”, Team H cafe will be open for a limited period of time in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The cafe is the collaboration between “Tower Record @Shibuya” and “Cafe Manduka”. It will run for one week from 19 March to 25 March. The cafe will serve special menus for this event. Some photo panels will be displayed there, and lucky three eels can get them. Needless to say, people can enjoy Team H music there. If you buy the album at Tower Record at Shibuya, “JKS paper currency(?)” will be given and you can get a discount service on that cafe.

Cafe Manduka


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[Fancam] JKS arrives at Incheon Airport

Credits as tagged; reposted from ediepig

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[11.03.2012] Return to Seoul

Credits as tagged

Read more[11.03.2012] Return to Seoul

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[ENG-SUB] N-sta_20120309

English subs: tenshi_akuma

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JKS message for earthquake victims in Fukushima

UPDATE: Translation of article “Don’t Give Up Japan” Jang Keun Suk Once Again Touched Japanese Fans’ Hearts.
Credits: Sukuzimuzu/Jewelchao/Xiaoxi
Source: OhmyStar
English Translation: SukkiefanNCUSA

I would like to share this article with you as I think is a very touching one that to show the special bonds Jang Keun Suk has with his Japanese Fans. Since it was for the same topic as Tenshi Akuma posted early and also her personal blog with her experience in the earthquake was the facts that proved this article and make is more meaningful. So I added here. -SukkiefanNCUSA

“Don’t Give Up Japan” Once Again Jang Keun Suk Touched Japanese Fans Heart

Mar 11 was the 1 year anniversary for the most serious 9.0 degree earth quake in Japanese history. The Japanese government and people are still doing the recovery work. The effects from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant incidents are still there.

Read moreJKS message for earthquake victims in Fukushima

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[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012

Credits: KBS


Read more[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012

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[Pics] shooting pics of “Love Rain”

UPDATE: March 14
Credits as tagged

Read more[Pics] shooting pics of “Love Rain”

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[Video] “Love Rain” preview

Credits: withsosiz9dot3

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[09.03.2012] Weibo

So happy…


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[Pics] shooting pics of “Love Rain” in Hokkaido

Credits: CLAMARTarpége


Read more[Pics] shooting pics of “Love Rain” in Hokkaido

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