Intro to JangKeunSuk bread up close~!!

Credits: mcctcheon1229
Shared by: JKSFC Malaysia

For us who can only dream of THE bread … …
Ooh, didn’t know that the bread is so white, like a Chinese bun!

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13 thoughts on “Intro to JangKeunSuk bread up close~!!”

  1. Omg….wat is happening…Now MVS for even sukkies BREAD??? wahahaha!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!! but as its only possible for us to see…lets enjoy the VIEW??? kekeke

  2. Did I hear correctly? 243 Calories? Hm, Sukkie will not be good for the eels’ waistlines, hm? Ah, maybe they can do his “shuffle” to bun it off. LOL

    I love how the wrapper was placed (face up) on the table so JKS could still smile @ the camera! I hope it was as tasty as it looked!!!


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