[ENG-SUB] mezamashi_20120120

Credits/Chinese subs: JKS & U
English subs: Aphrael77

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13 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] mezamashi_20120120”

  1. oh dear..Sukkie again makes me laugh with his action in the last part of this vid… having headache as he may have problem being too passionate this time ^_^

  2. I have to apologize to you eels here… I feel really sorry and shameful that a Japanese reporter forced Sukkie (even though it was an invisible pressure) to kiss on her hand. After the broadcast, she made antis not because of jealousy but because of power abuse. Previously we discussed why he doesn’t kiss on others’ hand. If she were his eel, she must be blissful even not kissing on her palm. I hope this was his first and last time to kiss on someone’s hand in public.

    • Kaori-chan, it really never occur to me that it is this way really as I thought it is part of the show with Sukkie making an exception because the lady reporter has said she is borne same date & year as Sukkie so he made an exception for this.. gosh, it is really true, then Sukkie must be really having headache now…

      • QQ, I may think it toooooooo seriously. But he had to change his hand-kissing policy at that time, and after the greeting session, of course, he kissed on his own hand as usual. As he always says, he doesn’t like to do others force him to do. So I think this filming was one of exceptions. He’s so mature that he did it naturally… But felt so blue after watching this news.

      • Kaori-Chan and QQ, I agreed part of both of you. As we, true eels all know that Sukkie kisses his own hand everytime he holds some eel’s hand to do hand kiss. In this program he did break his “regular” hand kiss rule. I didn’t feel that the reporter was forcing him, but obviously that she was not a true eel, like us that know Sukkie so well, so it was surprised to her that she didn’t get real hand kiss. I felt Sukkie broke the rule for her because he doesn’t want to disappoint her especially she brought up the same birthday thing (again, true eels know Aug 04 is not Sukkie’s true birthdate), anyway, Sukkie is like HTK, he is a person very clean and care for hygiene, I think he did feel a bit uncomfortable to do that and also as he never done that before, or very rarely have done that, he was having a bit aftershock himself. Poor Sukkie. But, I don’t think this would be a big deal tho. I mean for Sukkie.

      • SukkiefanNCUSA I totally agree on the part where both you & Kaori chan mentioned that true eel don’t mind if Sukkie kisses his own hand as we will be feeling blissful if he just held our hands & I may even faint if he do that hand kissing gesture ^_^ But one thing I feel that it is part of the maturing experience for Sukkie in the entertainment & media world.. he will gain more experience to handle such situation and may be we are sensitive about how he feels but in the end, he might overcome already as I notice from the subsequent fan greeting sessions.. he is his usual self already.. I guess what we eels can do is support him..

  3. no need for apologies, kaori-chan. personally, i don’t find it offending although i felt that he was put on the spot and was uncomfortable with it.

    pardon my ignorance, but why doesn’t he kiss on other people’s hand? my take on it was for hygienic reasons, which to me is quite understandable, but are there reason/s other than that?

    • browneyes88, from my understanding about the hand-kissing gesture, it is a social etiquette in western culture for gentlemen to greet lady with a hand-kissing gesture and the gentlemen has to kiss his own hand as it is a kind of respect for the lady…

    • QQ, this is a different TV show. I heard that when foreign stars are interviewed, the schedule is usually packed. So they are waiting for various TV crews in the same room and interviewers come up one after another. So this interview video must have taken on the same day.
      Anyway, we Japanese eels were worried when we heard the news he would appear on this TV program “Akko-ni-Omakase” because the lady host whom Sukkie held her picture had criticized Sukkie for several times before. We hoped Sukkie didin’t know what she said about him, but unfortunately he had watched the program directly when he visited Japan before. The reporter asked Sukkie if he knew her. And Sukkie answered, “Yes. She’s Akko-san. I heard she is the boss of Japanese showbiz.” And he said, “I’ve been scared of her since then.” She always behaves in bossy way, so when she saw Sukkies’ bossy attitude, she criticized it. So when the reporter asked Sukkie to give her a message, he said, “Look at me only… ” in a scared tone and added immediately, “I’m sorry to say that…” I believe his apology implied some joke, but it’s true she didn’t know how Sukkie is great and why he entertains us in a bossy way.

    • Kaori chan, really appreciate your explanation here.. sorry I was out yesterday most of the time due to CNY visiting & miss out some of post here.. I always admire and love to see how Sukkie reacts directly to critics with humour & itelligence (am I S in a way? LOL!)

  4. I don’t see any wrong with Sukkie kissing her hand. I am just happy for him that he has won another fan. Sukkie is spontaneous and likes to do something out of the ordinary. I hope antis won’t dwell on this and let Sukkie enjoy his trip. He is looking so happy and gorgeous.

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