[Video] Love Rain media panel discussion on 13 Dec.

Credits: jri582

Video 4 and 5 updated

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15 thoughts on “[Video] Love Rain media panel discussion on 13 Dec.”

    • hahaa..Chinese new Year is early next year – 23-24Jan2012, so it’s only about one month away…so looking forward to some back to back holidays – Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year…and it seems from now till then we will see alot of action from JKS…from the KBS to FujiTV, so exciting!

      And….we will have YAB accompanying us in Singapore every Saturday starting from today!!! Yay!!! Channel U 930pm….stay tuned!!

    • Farina , I think he has a new year party in china with a famous MC , or was that Christmas? I’m expecting a lot of activities from him in china this year. He’s aiming to be a No1 there after Japan ^0^.
      I hope he can rest and take care though. I feel he has so much planing for 2012 with the dinner show tour in Korea and Asia tour plus all YMP promotion and new Japanese album.

    • Hahaha!!!! His way of speaking and expression reminds me of a little kid from kindergarten retelling the poem that he learned by heart!!! Sweet Suk!!! LOL!!

    • cute indeed.. JKS so natural when he’s not acting.. he’s not that self-conscious.. he even adjust his pants without any hesitation in the second vid.. 🙂

  1. I think YoonA doesn’t want rumors! That’s why she’s staying away from suk! She seems quite timid here.
    And sukkie knows who to tease and how LOL! He can’t help being himself.

    • and i think that girl in red is also, in turn, enjoying being teased by Suk!!! In my opinion, if there was another person who made fun of her hair or other activities like that, i think she wouldn’t even pay attention to that!!!! That’s all because the person who is teasing is Sukkie!!!! LOL!!


        ( hope he’s reading my comment!..kekeke…)

      • Miracle, I’m not sure you’ve already read my comment about even ordinary Korean people don’t hesitate to touch other’s shoulder and hand. Here is the link of my comment.

        Most Korean people don’t care how much close they stand each other, so they may have no idea how much we feel jealous toward other female co-stars…

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