[03.12.2011] CRI SHOW at Tokyo Dome interview (English subs)

Credits: Sukbar
English subs: Aphrael77

Click here for Mediafire download.

Aphrael77: I know I’m a bad eel, cos I can’t help but laugh at JKS’ words or actions. When required to answer a question with Yes or No ( O or X ), his answer is so out of the box. He answered with a … (see video for answer) … LOL. His answer must be the first in history!!

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42 thoughts on “[03.12.2011] CRI SHOW at Tokyo Dome interview (English subs)”

  1. thanks aphrael for sharing this beautiful vid.. i’m very touched of what’s happening to our prince and had teary eyes.. he deserves all the love of his eels because he’s such a wonderful person.. praying that he may achieve his dreams to become world prince smoothly and happily.. God bless you JKS as well as Aphrael and Tenshi who keep us feeding news of sukkie and of course to all my fellow eels here..

    • i mean thank you tenshi for the vid and thanks aphrael for the english subs..

      we can’t blame you Aphrael for laughing to his answer ‘coz it was really funny.. Sukkie really have a great sense of humor that’s why i love watching any interviews of him.. πŸ˜€

  2. OMG! That’s amazing..
    If its that awesome just on a video, Imagine how amazing the original concert must have been.. I so wish I’d have been there..
    Hope Oppa eventually moves on to hold concerts closer to europe so it will be possible to go πŸ™‚
    Saranghaeyo Oppa Sukkie..<3

  3. I am so happy for our Prince. Though I dont understand what he’s saying in the vid, , I know this what he wanted and that he’s on his way to bigger things. The crowd is amazing, just for one Star. Bless JKS, you deserved all this.

  4. Thank you for posting these videos. I’m looking forward to the video diaries being released to the international market. He is so smart to be recording everything to track his evolution as an artist.

    • Andrea, I also find Sukkie as the only artiste who knows how to keep track of his achievement at every milestone.. when he gets older & look back of these vids, he will not regret the path he has gone through.. many artistes look back when they get older, they have to depend on 3rd party recording of their achievements or work done.. and some I knew may even regret they did not record down the best moment in their lives.. e.g photobook when young as time flies & youth is not forever…
      Sukkie is sure lucky to have close friends & good people network at young age.. I always feel that he is borne to have all these as he is special in many ways…

  5. i agree with you girls,plus he wants to give joy to his eels that is why he records everything because he know’s that we wanted to see glimpse of him,other’s may find it ridiculous co’z he brings his own team when making CF’s or Drama & movies,but do they know that Sukkie is doing all these things for his eels..He’s the kind of artist that give’s back the love to his fans.I have not seen any artist aside from Sukkie who plans his own production,seat arrangement,video editing,etc..Most importanly “money” is not an issue to our Prince,co’z he’s willing to spend fortune just to make his eels happy..You’re the Man World Prince Jang Keun Suk..I love you!!

    as always thank you tenshi & aphrael,you maked our everyday special..*_*

  6. Oh yes.. for those who want to see his new manager.. the 1st video above with the bigger buit man with him & manager Kim is the new manager..

    • QQeyes thank you for pointing out Sukkie’s new manager. I believe I had requested for his picture a while back. Now I can put face in my imaginary picture.

      Awww…. I was awed watching mature eel (I believe in age too) crying with joy just be able to see Prince. I don’t know how many I’d praised him, and I probably say it millions more time…..Sukkie is truly amazing and blessed person.

  7. i am so happy for sukkie for this milestone in his life. he truly deserves all the blessings and love he gets for he is such a wonderful person. he is so worthy of his eels’ love because he loves them just as much. i pray for his good health and more milestones and successes in life, plus the ultimate happiness he so deserves. will love and support him forever.

  8. many many thanks to Tenshi and Aphrael. I heard some eels went the dome show and said they really fun doing the people wave, just imagine, 45 thousands people there. That’s really something. Those who were on site were really lucky eels to feel power of our Prince. Also I bet people are getting so high when he rode bike around the dome and he was totally enjoying doing that, well, those bodyguards must be holding their breath to run after him, they must be so scared if he ever get hurt, because really when people get so high, it could be uncontrollable, but again, Japanese eels are always like the most well behaved the fans in my eyes. I wish vid with sub version come out soon. Couldn’t get enough of him. I was away from my computer only for one day today and I found out sooooooooooooooo many newsfeed about him. He is definitely part of my life now.

  9. The first thing that shocked me in these vids was the sheer volume of the crowd..i heard that 45,000 will be there but never imagined such a wide sea of eels…and i was deafened by the sound…my God…..it was SO LOUD… :O Jus seeing the vid and hearing the sound made me so high and excited… i can imagine how excited the eels present there would have been… Love you JKS..and sisters thank you for your efforts.. Love you πŸ™‚

    • YAB was shown in Malaysia before (that time I was not a drama fan and I dont know a single korean star nor seen Winter Sonata , my 1st kdrama was YAB which I watched in Aug? 2010 out of curiosity due to an article abt JKS in our national daily- I was hooked (not kdrama, but JKS’s dramas) It’s crazy but I replayed YAB not less than 4 times after following Dramabeans recaps) For eels info, Malaysia is going to rerun YAB starting 16 Dec 2010 every Mon to Friday. For non korean speaker, do follow Dramabeans recaps and fans’ comments, they are truly insightful and hilarious sometimes, they really analyse episode by episode, I really enjoyed them much. This drama is a all time favourite in Dramacrazy even after 2 years. In KoreanDramaOrg, JKS ‘s YAB was voted by netizen the Best Korean Drama 2009 and Marry Me Mary for 2010. YAB was the drama that catapulted JKS’s popularity skyhigh outside Korea and made me become like this weird. LOL

      • I have to agree on dramabeans recaps. Although I have to say if they don’t like something you know. To this day I still call KHJ “stupid robot boy” because of dramabeans recap of Playful Kiss. Plus they helped me understand some of the nuances of Korean language that don’t translate well into language like different level for different relationship status.

  10. I like what he answered to the question regarding his fame/popularity is temporary. He answered it as a triangle ( in which it is a stable geometrical shape which also suggests direction and purpose.)
    And this just shows his passion for what he is doing now and how he takes into account the opportunity to grow, to learn and to meet and make other people smile πŸ™‚
    Good answer, Sukkie πŸ™‚

  11. Aphrael, Thanx for translation! I have another feeling when i watch sukvids translated! i was wondering what interviewer and Suk were talking about!!!! I predicted his answers were amazing, and now i know for sure that indeed they are!!!! TRIANGLE! I didn’t know that this word could be used as an answer for yes/no question! Hahaha!

    (i wanted to be that female interviewer for the moment where Suk pulled her hand to touch his HOT chest and feel his heartbeat!!! huhuhu!….i would definetely wouldn’t take my hand back from his chest and would faint in that position!!! LOL! )

    • Wow @ miracle, i want to say that word, but u definitely override it! πŸ˜€ . We were heavenly crazy to him ever! But i don’t want to faint, i just want to :* and :* him, <3 <3

  12. TQVM Aphrael! One β™₯ or million β™₯ β™₯ to him is more than a count, countless of β™₯ will be the best to express our sincere heart to our prince! β™₯ β™₯β™₯ β™₯ you! Fighting!

  13. aphrael, really appreciate the translation!!! ^_^ I like his out-of-the-box answer as usual.. it shows he is very down to earth & still look for rooms for improvement despite his success. I’m actually laughing when he described he was scary of height when he is in the balloon.. this reminds me of the vid below when he said he will re-consider flying a plane again when he reached the ground during his first try as co-pilot.. Sukkie is also known to be claustrophobia as he disclosed that in an interview before.. so many eels were wondering what Sukkie will do if he is trapped in a lift (sorry I’m also a curious eel too!). However, he is definitely a water baby as he loves sea sport so much & can jump into the sea or ocean from a height… ^_^

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