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October 30, 2011 in From JKS / Tree-J by Aphrael

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Fans… you all keep pursuing me, keeping it from everyone, chatting about grasping all my whereabouts…. but do you know? The more you do that, the further you are from me…. laugh while you still can~~~ when I get angry, I’m a scary man~

I remember all your faces clearly

Because I said I remember these fans’ faces clearly, are you deliriously happy? I have said, laugh while you still can, because from now on, you all are out!
因为说记住私生饭的脸 你们是不是高兴疯了?我说了 你们趁能笑的时候就笑吧 因为你们现在开始已经出局了!

but what’s ridiculous is, yesterday 10 cars followed me. I alighted and told them in Japanese not to follow, it’d be scary to enrage me, but they don’t understand… looks like they are from a third world… distant…these fans …[*]
不过可笑的是 昨天10辆追车跟来 我就下车用日语说不要跟来 让我发火的话会很可怕的 但是她们却听不懂..看起来就像是第三种世界的人…遥远..[*私生饭也是很国家化的亚洲王子..]
[*meaning not understood]

Hong-ki: There are also rule-abiding friends amongst these fans, and also disobedient people. Should lecture those disobedient people. What happened yesterday?
JKS: An appropriate degree of waiting is cute and can be tolerated, but from now on, there is no exception.

I like Japan and Japanese ^^ but I don’t like these fans~ I also like China and Chinese, just that I dislike these fans~ I said, don’t follow me~ you all should not have followed. It’s only like this~
我喜欢日本和日本人^^只是不喜欢私生饭~我也喜欢中国和中国人 只是讨厌私生饭~就是说了不要跟来~你们就不要跟啊 就只是这样而已啊~

Friend open a restaurant, I’m here to test the food. Can the taste make Keun-chan touched…?? Looking forward to it
朋友开了家餐厅 我来试吃的。味道到底能不能让根酱感动呢…??期待中。


Hong-ki: mm…. was it interesting yesterday? ke
JKS: Just like you hitting the ground and regretting keke
【suk:就像你捶地后悔一样 呵呵】

There’s still such delicious food in this world!!!!!


Rucola served. dong dong!!!
芝麻菜(Rucola)上桌 咚咚!!!


Gangnam-gu, Shinsha-dong 554-32 025436321 colamercato really very delicious!!! thanks for your soft drink cri!!
江南区新沙洞554-32 025436321 colamercato 真的好吃惨了!!!贤德!味道很好!谢谢你的汽水cri!!


On the way to sauna.. dropped my handphone and damaged the screen ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!!!
去桑拿的路上..把手机屏摔坏了 啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!

The shattered screen has been replaced… all repaired!!!

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