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October 27, 2011 in From JKS / Tree-J by Aphrael

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Mistress has come personally to Tokyo to watch my performance~ Mistress who was caught up in Lounge H, heh heh, thank you~~~~ why does my face look like a big fabric bag ㅡ.,ㅡ
主人亲自来东京看公演了~陷入Lounge H里的主人 嘿嘿 thank you~~~~怎么我的脸看起来像个大布包ㅡ.,ㅡ


Really really sorry, so sorry and embarrassing, it’s so unlike me. This time, the cancellation of Halloween event … any more explanation is still useless, so I’m not saying more.. I’ll bear all the fault. if (you) want to throw stones, then throw it at me… sorry eels ah.. I have no solution this time… I really admit defeat
真的真的对不起不好意思好丢脸 太不像我了 这次万圣节全面取消…再多的解释也是徒劳就不说了..所有的黑锅都我来背,石头要砸也砸向我吧..对不起 鳗鱼们啊..这次我也没办法..我真的认输了

From now on, it’s free time~~~~!!!
从现在起 是自由时间~~~~!!!



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