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Tree-J: Eels, a very cold morning. The official notice for “You’re my Pet” premiere press conference is already uploaded, hope you can apply for it according to the official notice. Be careful not to catch a cold in the cold autumn ^^
鳗鱼们,冷飕飕的清晨.<宠物情人>记者首映会相关公告已上传.希望你们根据官网的公告来申请.寒冷的秋天请注意感冒^^ (翻译:仙鳗)PS:<宠物情人>记者首映会定在11月2日
* The premiere is on 2 Nov.

JKS: Park Chan Ho and his family who took time off their busy schedule to come personally. Really very thankful. Thanks for giving me and staff a very big motivation
* Park Chan Ho is a national baseball player.


Tree-J: Today is the Saitama performance. Actor Jang is practising his vocals in the holding room, preparing to make his entrance. Today, eels will also spend the day together with him?? See you later ^^

Tree-J: Saitama concert is beginning now. Eels, let’s enjoy it together
(pic from Tree-J staff twitter)


Tree-J: Regardless whether actor Jang is singing, dancing or narrating his own experience… in the 3 hours of performance, eels who continue standing and watching, thanks very much. Very touched… ^^
张演员唱歌的时候也好,跳舞的时候也好,讲述自己经历的瞬间也好….3个小时左右的公演里 一直站着看演出的鳗鱼们 真的很感谢你们。好感动…^^


Tree-J: The running time of the first concert in Saitama is 3 hours and 5 minutes. This is the encore scene with Saitama eels!
【111025 Tree-J推特更新5】琦玉第一场公演running time3小时零5分 这是和填满琦玉的鳗鱼们的安可场面!

* IMPT: Please keep your volume very soft.

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