Lotte Duty Free CF making vid

Credits: panda1050013

Is it the full version of making?

For more vid,
This is the vid I uploaded before but was deleted by YouTube now… T_T

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15 thoughts on “Lotte Duty Free CF making vid”

  1. Hi Kaori-Chan, how’re you? Great you put this vid on. I just watched it. Love it love it. πŸ™‚

    Which arena show you will go? I’m so jealous for those Japanese eels that they can see the show.

    He looks like an angel in white to come down in the arena to start the show. I can imagine the atmosphere there. Since I am exciting even I’m here sitting in my office to look at those picture from the show.

    • I’ve been rather busy these days, because today was the last day to go to office before going to Canada, so I had to complete my work… but unfortunately I haven’t finished yet… T_T

      I’m going to the last 2 shows, Saitama super arena (Oct. 25/26)! I arranged my schedule of studying abroad so that I can go to his arena tour (I know I’m crazy enough…), so I’m really looking forward to the days coming even though I still have many things to do before the day…

      • awww…you’re so lucky to have the chance to see his arena shows…i wish i could do the same…my goal is to attend at least one show next year….i am currently planning my trip to Japan next year..:)

  2. omg! my two sweet princes together . but i’m a little sad , i used to think that KHJ is a beautiful guy (i mean it) but seeing him with the angeleus JKS makes him loose some importants points . so today i really think that nobody in asia can supplant the prince JKS.
    as for his shows i will attempt them in my dreams because curently this the only place where i can do it .
    thanks for sheering the videos

    • I feel just the same! I thought KHJ was handsome before but next to Jang Geun Suk in this vid he looks very ordinary , how disappointing ! I guess JGS
      is really good looking after all!!!!

  3. thankyou so much tenshi… I also have the full version of this CF of Lotte Duty Free and this has become one of my favorite among so many sukkie’s CF, even my son loves the song -So I’m Loving You- and also the fantastic clip with so many korean stars. But, this video making is so much more loveable bcoz I always like when he is in front of the mic doing recording like that, just like the vid of Just Drag The Making, he’so cute, handsome, playful while singing the song. Here’s for you who haven’t see the vid yet

    • agree with you he’s so lovely to look at while recording a song.. just like in the “Wee Band – We Can Make It” song video too.. πŸ™‚

  4. yeah.. I like it too,migrap26..and also in the recording of Dream Wings…He always looks so serious and adorable when singing…

  5. guy’s check this out,another blog site dedicated to Prince Jks..I guess eels all over the world has the same feeling towards prince..We fell into his trap because of his personality and honesty and not for anything else..There may be thousands of Pretty Boy in entertainment industry but our Star JANG KEUN SUK shine’s the brightest!!!

    credit: soompi

    • charlotte, Thanks… actually I knew Sears Blog before I knew about aphrael’s forever blog as I started with Sears blog to know about Sukkie but when I read many of the articles posted are translated by aphrael & get to know aphrael also has a blog, I came here ^_^ by the way, both eel ponds are initiated in S’pore… I personally prefer here… it is warmer with the friends here

      • charlotte, just like why Sukkie attracted me.. aphrael (Ivy) also attracted me to her blog because she is quite different from the ladies I came across in S’pore.. initially I thought that those translated vids in SEARS blog are posted by China BaiduSukbar’s translation team but when I knew the person who did all those translation from Chinese to English so promptly are actually doing by herself out of passion & besides, she is working too.. that first attracted me to her blog as her dedication is rare in S’pore for working adults ^_^

      • yeah i agree with you guy’s..In here we’re like a big family and the bond that we have is different..I found a home in this site and one things that I loved is that we can all be ourselves,we are free to express what we feel and everybody is so fun loving..I salute ahprael,tenshi_akuma and the rest of the gang who put their best effort in spreading the love for our Prince J..I hope we can all meet up in JKS Fantasy Land someday!!!

  6. Yes QQeyes, the same with you, I knew Sears blog and some other eel’s blogs before knowing this apharael blog ( even one of them is Indonesian that it should be a lot more comfortable to me in communicating ). But again, the same with you, I feel much more warm and cozy here with all of you,guys..^_^ And finding that we come from different countries, different culture (and maybe beliefs), different professions, and of course different range of age (from teenagers,noona,and ahjuma kekeke..), but beautifully unite in the same feeling,’s unbelievable. It happens here, in the house of apharael(our wonderful host),with the dedicated crews : tenshi,QQeyes,sukkiefan,andrea,and so many more who really friendly and understand everything we need abot sukkie… Hope all the best for you friends….


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