YMP Korean official site is open

At last YMP Korean official site is open!!!!!
YMP Korean official site

For more pics,

And the official YMP twitter and facebook are also available now. But unfortunately they are written in all Korean… (T_T)
Twitter “@urpet2011”
facebook “์ง€์€์ด”

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4 thoughts on “YMP Korean official site is open”

  1. Aphrael, Thanx for sharing! I love them! But the Korean language is killing me!!! Isn’t it so difficult for them to use English?! Can’t do anything, just enjoying the pix!

    • @Miracle, i share your sentiments. the Korean language can be frustrating at times. and google translate doesnโ€˜t even help! LOL! i really wish they could also write in English so fans overseas can understand and enjoy what they write about. ๐Ÿ™‚

      aphrael, thanks so much for sharing. you are heaven sent! i always get updated on news about sukkie through your blog. keep it up!

      • same here ! it’s really frustrating to always depond on the kindness of someone .although they certainely hope for an international media coverage , they don’t make the effort to write in both korean and english so that eveyone can enjoy it .
        luckilly for us , you are always willing to translate , so thanks a lot

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