[ENG-SUB] Secret and Truth on JKS Popularity_20110822

UPDATE: The original video shared on Aug 30, 2011 was deleted, so we updated again.

Credits: KSC (Keun Suk China)
English translation: MuiMui Lim (QQeyes007), hard-sub: Fiorella Cedamanos (Batish); all from ECI

The original post was shared by Aphrael on Aug 30, 2011.

To set your minds at rest about JKS’ popularity in Korea, I’d like to share information from a Korean eel. It is not true that JKS is not popular in Korea.

Maybe he is not as popular internationally as certain Korean pop groups, but JKS does have some popularity in his home country. An unpopular actor will not receive so many scripts and invites to act as male lead in dramas.

It is just that some groups of people target JKS and spread rumours about his lack of popularity in his home country. The mass media also subscribes to such “commonly held” perceptions and as they need news to report on, they reinforce the perception and the situation gets exaggerated.

The fact is, as an actor in Korea, JKS has one of the biggest fandoms.
Thanks to Korean eels for their strong support~!
So don’t worry too much~!

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44 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Secret and Truth on JKS Popularity_20110822”

  1. Thanks so much for downloading the complete interview….I have no doubt on his popularity, he is CONCURRING the WORLD … he’s popularity already in the international level….

  2. aphrael… Thanks so so much as I have been hoping someone will translate this vid to share with more eels though I already seen the Chinese sub in Weibo & BaiduSukbar.. this vid has been the common talk among eels in BaiduSukbar & Weibo past few days as many can see how tough Sukkie has experienced to progress from a child actor –> teen actor –> adult actor.. also, we can see he don’t follow the flow and has a mind of his own to choose a path suitable for him despite a tougher path with obstacles… and also the comment from Korean eel fan to support Sukkie, thanks…

    • Not sure if eels in this blog know about this story of Sukkie as I would like to share here now.. it is a story I read from BaiduSukbar last year & also recently on S’pore newspapers on JKS’s past history… it happened in 2008 when he was filming BV (Beethoven Virus)..Sukkie’s Korean fans number dropped from 30,000 to 5,000.. when I first read that I feel so sorry for him. Sukkie is 2nd lead in BV & there are scenes which Sukkie’s role in BV requires him to be arrogant & shout at his mentor (played by main lead actor Kim, a senior actor which Sukkie respects so much & also one of the reason why he picked BV over BOF).. perhaps Sukkie’s acting is so naturally good that audience (including fans of main lead) felt that Sukkie is not respectful to his mentor in the drama.. these cause poor Sukkie to lose many fans he has… I can’t believe this could have happened to this young actor then at age 21 & many eels including China/Taiwan/HK eels feel that if Sukkie has such acting skill in their own countries, he would be very popular then even if it is a villian role.. but the consolation I get is Sukkie did get the new actor award for BV in 2008 ^_^

      • Wow. It dropped that low? As a fan, no matter if he plays the villian, hero or (heck) even a heroine, I would alway support him. I rather he have a range of charactors and experience then be typecasted into one role everytime. That’s awful. He must have felt bad during that time. I’m glad he won that award though and was in BV. It really showed a different side of Sukkie. <3

  3. I always wondered why he isn’t popular in Korea. But now that its settle, I can put my mind to rest. Looks like a bunch of jealous haters creating lies.

  4. This was the one video a few days ago I post to let Tenshi to give summary about it. To me, I love Sukkie and as his fan, I don’t really care how popular he is now here and there. Of course, I would love to see he become King of the World one day and will always support him on that. Truely, I love him, support him, because he is such a unique, talented and nice person. I hope all other people and more people can see his big heart and beauty inside other than the outside part, like a pretty face. This video just tell me how hard Sukkie works his path to become a real actor in Korea, how he is such a son to be good to his parents. How he become a idol that an old Japanese lady, who was in pain for losing love ones but find comfort and strength and even new realization by becoming his fan to look up to him. This is what I see. This is what I believe.

    • sukkiefanNC, yes.. Sukkie can really heal the hearts and I’m very touched by the story of the old Japanese lady….I think eels love Sukkie for his inner beauty beyond his physical appearance, that is what I find him so charming & unique as an artiste ^_^

  5. Why I love Jang Keun Suk?

    LOOK at that adorable boy (childhood years), with bright, honest eyes that shines and smile so full of sun and light. Those wonderful qualities still clearly illuminating from within him now (in adulthood and in the future), only with added maturity, warmth and understanding. How can we possibly not LOVE the guy???!!!

    He is worth every single bit of love and affection that we bestow upon him and more.

  6. So one of the factors for an actor to shine in Korea is if the guy have that masculine body and chocolate abs?I guess people’s taste really differs and these days,developing abs is becoming a trend..especially in the entertainment industry.But,I think it’s something that Jang Keun Suk don’t have to possess..he already looks so good in his body,I’ve read in an interview before that he’s already satisfied being slim.His fame right now is already at the international level and at a young age,he is one of the actors who can possess a unique charm and overly blessed talent that will surely last for a lifetime.Looks may fade and those chocolate abs guys will grow old but JANG whose so talented will definitely SHINE forever.Especially with dedicated EELS behind him that’s cheering him and supporting him in the best way that we can.

    • very well said…. his charm is already well known internationally…
      btw, Nature Republic will open soon here in the Philippines at SM Fairview. It has a huge advertisement in front of it’s store site with JKS in it. Need to go there to take picture beside JKS… hehehe

  7. All gals here and especially sukkiefanNC,

    I hesitated at first , but now I think I should share my true feeling after watching this TV program live. To tell the truth, I didn’t get a good impression of it. As all you mentioned above, the story about an old Japanese lady was great. But rest of them I don’t think it’s nice to Sukkie. Especially the last part, a man analyzed the reason why he succeeded to achieve fame in Japan because he targeted Japan where is the best place to earn a big money. I don’t think so. His personality and charm was commonly loved by people all around the world. I don’t think he tries to behave kindly to be loved by Japanese fans against his real feeling. Needless to say, he is such a wonderful guy that we’ve come to love him naturally.

    In Japan there are some anti Hanlyu stars and K-POP groups. They claim that Korean stars regard the Japanese market and fans just as a source of making big money and they don’t appreciate Japanese fans’ love at heart… something like that. I admit that there are some, but I’m sure Sukkie is not. This TV program was broadcast during his stay in Japan, and as all you know, the malice and twisted news was broadcast to hurt him and his popularity intentionally at the same time. So I felt this TV program was also like a gossip show… 🙁 So while watching the TV, my desire of translation was getting smaller…

    Anyway, we Japanese eels really require the TV program or news to show real Sukkie. Now the Japanese media just air his bossy part repeatedly, so many Japanese who don’t watch Korean dramas and movies easily misunderstand Sukkie. I’m ashamed of Japanese media, but they regard Sukkie as a figure to get high ratings, so they don’t treat Sukkie with sincerity. They just use him conveniently… I’m really sorry about that.

    aphrael, thanks for translating these vids and giving me a chance to share my feeling here.

    • Kaori san, I think everynation’s media is the same : high ratings & profits… it’s an unavoidable problem. The anti Hallyu group is just a small part, right !
      After all, I love Japanese, especially Japanese eels like you <3

    • Tenshi-chan, I always appreciate your thoughts and opinions on things. Yeah, there are some negative messages in the video, for it’s showing that Sukkie is not popular in his own country and most people like more muscular guys better and JKS goes to Japan for money only. However, I still wish that out of all the negative news from anti-sukkie and bad media can be a metaphor for people to get curious about him and look him up……pray and hope that then they can read and see the REAL JKS, the sincere big heart and down to earth person. As we all know in this world, we can never please everyone, and there will be people are like and dislike about things. What’s make me mad the most were those haters attached our Sukkie personally without good reason. So my strategy like right is to totally IGNORE all haters’ news /comments and their websites.

      PS. If any eels have better strategies, please help me.

    • i appreciate your works Aphrael, Kaori-san, QQeyes007 and friends…those really help us to understand sukkie more, yes i don’t like those antis who judge people before they know them well. Right now i’m learning one of languages and i can say that to be fluent in using other language needs sincerity and love, and we all know how good sukkie in speaking in japanese and english, he is improving a lot. I believe that he is a really sincere boy. And to keep motivated in one field (suk has been in this industry for such a long time), one needs to be determined and love that field and all aspects related to it. (^u^)

    • Thanks Tenshi, I fully understand your feeling for watching the video. I’m not surprise at all about the media. To me, that’s how they works these days. As an eel I would love to protect Sukkie when I can and use my voice to tell people what kind of person he really is. I never met him, this is true. I do believe in him, I believe he is a hard working and nice person inside and with his outstanding talents. I’m glad here is a place that we all know that and we all believe that.

    • Yes, I noted the part which the principal mentioned that JKS drove a nice sports car to show off his popularity… if it wud be other rich students, i wonder if anyone will comment..

    • Aphreal Thanks for the translation, girls thanks for your comments, thank you, my dear Tenshi for your very sharp point of view. JKS zikzin, we believe in you!


  8. I don’t if this true, but i ever heard that the huge number (10.000 or 30.000?) is generated by the variety show that makes his Cy World posts as jokes, and the viewers get curious of his CY, that’s why the number of visitors increased so suddenly, they are not real fans. i hope someone from korea can explain it to us (^u^). however, eels are very loyal to JKS and i think that’s enough (^u^). i hope we can continue to be his eels until we reach grannie age, kkkk…anyway…the oldest eel that ever been found by scientist reached a remarkable age of 84. i hope we can be like that eel in supporting suk…kkkk. Let’s grow old together SUK n EELS !!!

  9. haha..if I can go there at SM fairview I want to take photo too.. ^^ and hopefully all malls in the Philippines can have Nature Republic too..and hopefully..he could visit that shop someday as a promotion for it’s opening..

  10. I believe..all JKS’s eels are smart and know what is sincerity, honesty, veritable of JKS’s …times will proof JKS’s faithful and authenticity ….this will also proof it to all those have been revile/input negative remarks or trying to earn/get publicity from an incorrect way….Dear JKS’s eels, lets concentrate and blast our full support to our prince…

  11. dear eels,

    i can’t play the video here..but based on your conversations, i’m getting the point of the video..what i can say is this: if only those people can see and appreciate keun-suk’s genuine sincerity towards other people, his work, his fans, and everything else about him (family, friends, staff), i bet they’ll realize that they’re absolutely mistaken. sighs..my heart’s aching right now..if only people can read his recent posts on his website..then they’ll know how jks is struggling these days for bearing such anti-jks posts (let alone his struggle for freedom and a little more normal life). hurt cri!

  12. Hi, Farina
    I think this video is the Romance(JKS’s first PHOTO book)’s DVD.
    I don’t receive the photo book yet, The book is going to release on 2011, sep, 01 in korea. The DVD is going to selling. please protect JKS’s property right.
    Please Farina, delete this link.
    and How can we request to delete this video.
    please, please……………………………………………….

    • Hi cutecute,

      I didn’t realize it wld be a problem. Aphrael, if you could pls delete these links? Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. Hi Farina.
    I’m so sorry
    and i hope my comment didn’t make you feel bad.
    I think you didn’t know what the video is.
    I’m very worried my comments could hurt you.
    My English writing is not good, so sometimes my comments is not polite. it’s not my intention.

  14. Don’t worry cutecute 🙂 No offense taken, I understand that you just want to protect Sukkie out of love for him. I respect that and I think you did the right thing… I’m sure Sukkie will appreciate yr action & I support it too… I wonder how the uploader got hold of it when the DVD hasn’t hit the markets…?

    • Farina, the Japanese version aledi out even during pre-order.
      Do u remember. Actually the link u gv just now was taken frm the tv screen. Someone bought the Romance Book + dvd, recorded the same while playing the dvd …..

      • Carol, I actually received the J-Plus Romanace photobook with DVD from Japan directly.. like you said, I think it is from TV recorded as I think the DVD has protection from copying already..

  15. I, too feel the same way as that japanese widow but am in a different situation…was not into watching korean dramas except those shown in our local tv stations, just chanced upon on you tube the secret garden which i like very much and got to see so many dramas listed there and got curious about hong gil dong ( just finished watching lie to me at the time) and there i saw this beautiful actor with such very good acting prowess and i was hooked…i always check on his latest activities and search for past dramas/movies that included him…whenever i feel low i just watch his dramas and behind the scenes cuts of those dramas…thanks jgs and more power!

  16. P.S. With regards the video above re: JKS’ popularity in Korea.

    would just like to share..I visited Seoul on April-May this year and the admin of the hostel that we stayed in are surprisingly guys in their 20s. We were able to chat with them a bit, and when asked who, at that time, are the popular actors in Korea, I remember he mentioned So Ji Sub (who just released his album at that time), Hyun Bin (after the Secret Garden drama), and Jang Keun Suk and Lee Seung-gi (who are being compared because for being both multi-talented). I suppose I can rely on their opinions not only because they’re in their 20s, but also because they’re guys..so I don’t think the article re: JKS’s popularity in Korea can be applied in general. =)

  17. I watched this vid a few years back in 2011 and after a few years, I have new feeling…
    now I can understand the 62 years old Japanese lady much better as it is not just her.. but I see many of my eels friends are brought out from depression by Suk..especially through YAB or hearing his voice through his songs…
    and the 2nd feeling I have is I notice on my few trips to Seoul… Suk’s popularity in Korea has gained not like many Kpop or Kdrama artistes but more on international level and more Koreans started to aware of him… I remember in the hotel I stayed, when our eel sisters took out her passport with Suk’s cover on it.. the receptionists smile and also I overheard the male manager saying Suk’s name in Korean. Though we may not see Suk’s posters widely like many other Korean artistes, but I notice his popularity is there as people on streets (especially the tourists areas) knows him…
    I always feel that Suk wants to be identified as an actor in Korea, so he don’t launch any album in Korea not because the sales or competition (as we know overseas can always buy online like what we do for his albums in Japan).. because of this, he may be less known to local Koreans as they may not be aware he is such a world class artiste that they will be proud of… Many who have seen his live concert performance would agree with me that his performance and stage production for concerts are definitely one of the top among the artistes of the world…

    • QQeyes007, It’s always a pleasure to read your deep comments because It allows me to clarify and enlightens my ideas & vision 😉

    • Yes I totally agree with you ,I travel to korea several times at tourists spot see his merchandise around but at the record store I can find his CD or DVD only one store at Meoudong on second floor I found his picture book ” the romance” and Asia tour DVD,I purchased everything that they have ,I wish his company should consider to have his merchandise shop in all over tourist spot will be a big hit to hardcore eel like me to travel there moe often

  18. I dont mind if he is not popular. I can be his only fan.kkk.. I believe many eels was curious about his popularity in korea because he himself told so. remember in knee drop guru prog? I think its just his style to gain attention. he is the expert..its no way people dont know jks..he had became the public attention since child.

  19. As I watched this video,I felt depressed knowing that Prince JKS is not popular in his homeland but it is a relief that it was just a false rumors. By his own unique talent and unexplainable charm he can easily gain a popularity from his homeland and all over the world. He is one of most decent and amazing star who is humble, down to earth,lovable and honest man,no doubt that he is very popular and gain so much love from his fans. He knows how to treasure all the people surrounds him and he gave them back the love he received. Even I have never met him in person, I can say he is a good man with such a big heart. He is the sun who give light to the people who is in the darkness and serve as an energizer to those people who feel down. He is such an inspiration too to every one. I truly believe that Prince JKS’ popularity will never last and will continue forever. I feel so great that Prince Jks is my idol,I admire and adore him for being who he was.. As a fan,I will support and admire him whatever role he may portray. Being loyal and faithful fan are things that we can give to our dear Prince JKS to show our endless love for him..

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