[How to order] Jang Keun Suk 2021 Official Calendar ~Only look at me~

UPDATED: added the latest Korean EMS service and Japanese international shipping status
Good news for international eels! The international delivery service is available for Jang Keun Suk 2021 Official Calendar ~Only look at me~. The preorder period is from October 15th 13:00 through November 3rd 23:59. Please access the online booking website from here. However, because of COVID-19, Korean EMS service is not available to all countries at present. So please check the latest infomation from here. tenshi_akuma’s note: currently it’s available for only 31 countries.

*Overseas shipping
-Shipping method: EMS 1588-1300
-Shipping area: shipping area ( EMS check )
-Shipping fee: Differential charges depending on weight and volume
-Shipping period: Delivery period varies depending on country and region

Returns & changes
-Exchanges/Returns/Refunds are available only if you indicate your intention to exchange/return/refund within 7 days from the date of purchase.
-Return address: In front of the person in charge on the 3rd floor of AP Tower, 724, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
-Inquiries for return: 070-7740-5205

In case of impossible to exchange or return
-In case of damage or damage to the product due to the carelessness of the consumer
-In case of use or partial consumption of the consumer If the value of the goods has decreased due to the current reduction in the value of the goods, etc.
-If the packaging of the goods that can be reproduced has been damaged (including DVDs and albums, books opened by the user, magazines that can be read within a short time, and video photobooks)
I heard EMS service in South Korea is still not available to all countries because of COVID-19. As Korean online shop website uses EMS only, eels living in some countries cannot order the calendar there. Please check the latest info from here.

If you want to order it from KOARI, you need to use tenso service. KOARI is available for Japanese domestic shipping only. Please check the related post in the past. But even in Japan, there are still limits to send items to foreign countries. Please check the latest information. For example, Japan post office doesn’t allow to send to US or South America.

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19 thoughts on “[How to order] Jang Keun Suk 2021 Official Calendar ~Only look at me~”

  1. Hi, i’m Laila also from Dubai, UAE. I am unable to go through my order in this site as u need a WPS member ID. Even i tried joining but it doesn’t go through. I have been querying around on what is the clear requirement to order.. I am also considering to order through another country’s FC again just like the Dvd purchase. It’s a hassle for an individual FC member like me to go through this channel but, it’s to support JKS. Thank you.

  2. We can choose between EMS and EMS Premium shipping when we order the calendar on WPS website.. EMS Premium costs a little bit more, but it seems to be still available for many countries. 🙂

  3. I tried to do this today on worldprinceshop.com. I am in the USA. I tried to use Tenshi’s link on Google so I could translate the page, but I still was unsuccessful. It only translates a few things, but the problem is the site did not allow me to cut and paste Korean script so I could use Google Translate outside of the site. I was able to become and member with an ID, but I could not complete my purchase. I have sent an email to master@worldprinceshop.com and hope to get a reply. I will share anything useful that I learn.

  4. I’m trying to order today, but I don’t see any payment options other than Korean banks. I don’t see PayPal or credit card. You’re not able to set up a payment preference in your profile, so I don’t understand yet. I will try to contact WPS. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Hi Jean! You can’t pay it with credit card. You have to choose paypal. Click on the 5th option, the last one, and you will be able to choose USA paypal.

      Did you choose overseas delivery (해외배송 )? You have to do that first. After that you have to choose between EMS and EMS premium. You also have to choose your country to get the right price. It’s right under the EMS options.

      I think it’s better to use Q&A on WPS website if you want to ask them something. They reply fast there. 🙂


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