[2020-08-04] CRI-J Twitter

[0804 official birthday] 0804 official birthday support was completed.
(cake, and champagne)
The details will be posted later!
Thank you for your support!

[0804공식생일] 0804 공식 생일 서포트를 실시하였습니다.
자세한 내용은 추후 공지 올리겠습니다!

[The way to contact us when you win a framed photo]
*How to check if you win:
scratch the silver part of the ticket with a coin, and confirm (you win if a number comes out)
*Contact information for winners: cri_j3@naver.com
1. subject: win a photo (the winning number)
2. content: Name in English/ Address in English/ zip code/ mobile phone number/
winning number/ attached file (photo of the winning ticket)

[사진액자 당첨 연락 안내]
●액자 당첨 확인방법: 동전으로 티켓의 은색 부분을 긁어서 확인 (숫자가 나오면 당첨)
●당첨 연락: cri_j3@naver.com
제목 : 사진 당첨(당첨된 번호)
내용: 영문이름/영문주소/우편번호/휴대전화 번호/당첨 번호/첨부파일(당첨된 티켓사진 )

23:16 (shared URL was wrong, so we posted correctly)
[2020 sharing photo exhibition] framed photos are open
(No.1 ~ No.30)
(No.31 ~ No.56)
Source: Jang Keun Suk official fan club | Cri J NAVER cafe

[2020나눔사진전] 액자공개
출처 : 장근석 공식 팬클럽 크리제이 | 네이버 카페

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