[Video] JKS on SBS “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM”_20200601

UPDATED: added another edited one shared by [철파엠] 김영철의 파워FM 공식계정

Credit: [철파엠] 김영철의 파워FM 공식계정

Credit: SBS Radio 에라오

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6 thoughts on “[Video] JKS on SBS “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM”_20200601”

  1. This was so great, but please is anyone able to English sub this? I watched the whole thing live. He looked so natural, relaxed and happy. Welcome back Jang ❤️

  2. Happy to see him looks healthy and bright. How could he look more younger ? Just like 22 yo 😁😁😁 Zikzin my dear prince. Look forward to your new project soon

  3. thx for sharing Actually i watched the whole show live! 👍👌✌️🙏🙏❤️😍, He wa so fresh and lovely really very entertaining , dont understand what they are talking about though! but just looking at him is all we want ! I am Chinese from Hong Kong ,in the middle of the programme he broadcast the song sung by one of the late famous singer of HK , and i think JKS translated in Korean ! which is a very meaningful song telling us his feelings to his eels ! i hope some of JKS fans can translate the whole Show in Eng ,Please !thx so much in advance,Have a good weekend, bye-bye Love you all 。 We eels will support and love JKS till the end 👍👌👏🙏🙏❤️💋😍🥰😷😷✌️✌️


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