[NOTICE] Regarding the military discharge on 29th May

Original source: Princejks.com NOTICE
English translation: Zoe from ECI

This is JKS STAFF.
29th May, the day of actor Jang’s discharge from military service is 4 days away.
First of all, we are deeply grateful to eels who have protected with a deep affection this place they share with actor Jang.
Actor Jang’s military discharge on 29th May is planned to be as quiet as any other day during the 2 years of his military service.
The public access to the workplace is restricted, due to that and the need for social distancing caused by corona an offline event that day is impossible.
Please make sure that no eels wait around his workplace on that day.
Please help so that actor Jang who has been doing his public service fatefully can complete it successfully.
Thank you.

Eels who want to congratulate him on his return can convey their feelings at this place (homepage).

Messages for actor Jang to congratulate him on his return will be delivered directly to actor Jang.
[Welcome back to the SWEET HOME we protect]

Zoe’s note: This is the link to staff blog. You need to log in to see it and to write a message to Suk 🙂 .

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