[2020-05-09] CRI-J Twitter

D_20 (20 days to go) until the day we meet you

#JangKeunSuk #the day when we meet you #jks_0529
그대를 만나는 날 D_20

#장근석 #그대를_만나는날 #jks_0529

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4 thoughts on “[2020-05-09] CRI-J Twitter”

    • May 29th is the very day, but I’m afraid there is a special event planned under such a difficult situation in all of the world, but I hope he’ll say something to eels. Let’s wait for his comeback 😉

  1. He’s probably met new people with their own stories, maybe he will have new inspirational themes for his songs or scripts, but … military service is not a holiday, it’s a strict schedule, no matter the location. It’s only now that I’ve realized this and I’m starting to worry. Although I miss him, I think it would be easy to understand if he could enjoy a real vacation afterwards.

  2. To my understanding Eventhough he finish his MS very soon ! It takes time for him to adjust back to his ordinary live and to his show business , Lets give him times especially nowadays virus situation, He will meet us and show himself at the right time ! Anyway we Eels will wait patiently for his come back ! Support him no doubt about that 👌👍👏🙏💋❤️😍🥰😷😷✌️


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