[2020-04-10] CRI-J Twitter

D_49 (49 days to go) until the day we meet you

#JangKeunSuk #the day when we meet you #jks_0529
그대를 만나는 날 D_49

#장근석 #그대를_만나는날 #jks_0529

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1 thought on “[2020-04-10] CRI-J Twitter”

  1. 49 days ago I had no idea about his existence.
    Now, like a miner 49er, I discover gold every day
    and I learned how to conjugate the verb “to improve”:
    i have been improved by
    he improved us
    he is improving us
    Yesterday I found that I started to use more diplomacy and humor in conversation. Even the dance style has changed.
    How have you been improved by him?


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