[2020-04-05] CRI-J Twitter

D_54 (54 days to go) until the day we meet you

#JangKeunSuk #the day when we meet you #jks_0529
그대를 만나는 날 D_54

#장근석 #그대를_만나는날 #jks_0529

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4 thoughts on “[2020-04-05] CRI-J Twitter”

    • On same link U posted, check additional articles of same site on the side n also sources below, each time a different date is mentioned.

      Check this one https://dramacurrent.com/military-status/ seems to have the exact date

      In general, seems articles automatically first write a date according to the “2 years service” cos that’s how they refer to Korean MS, actually if U check others U’ll C it’s in fact 22 months, give or take. Only guessing here – seems upon receiving actual assignment the release date is fixed. Maybe according to system’s needs? In Sukkie’s case it may be also cos he didn’t go under usual full “soldiering” training.

      Which source is considered most reliable? Donnu… Tree J know best, if they say 54 days then it’s 54 days.

    • It’s an old article, Adriane. South Korea has reduced lenght of MS. It was talk about that also before Sukkie started his MS, but the change of rules was announced officially later. The countdown until 29the May is in his official “Day by day” 2020 calendar. So it’s really 54 days left. Can’t wait to see him again!


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