[Details] ‘THANK YOU ALL 2018-2020, Comeback countdown FILM CONCERT with ZIKZIN PLANET’

As we announced earlier, ‘THANK YOU ALL 2018-2020, Comeback countdown FILM CONCERT with ZIKZIN PLANET’ will be held in Osaka on February 26th. After the early announcement, some updates were shared by JPN FC. I think some eels are flying to attend the event, so I will post some info here for you. You can buy the snacks and the official goods during the available hours only. And the stocks are limited, so it’s a first-come-and-first-served system. Cash only.
Available hours:
– for part 1 attendees, from 10:00 till 12:30
– for part 2 attendees, from 16:30 till 19:00

1) ZIKZIN cafe in Osaka
– Cookies (5 types): 600 yen
– Drink with Tumbler (3 types; black/silver/white): 1,800 yen
– Cookies and Drink with Tumbler: 2,400 yen
–> You’ll get one coaster (randomly chosen from 3 types) when you buy a set of drink and cookies.

2) Official goods for the event
*t-shirt: 2,500 yen (the meaning: You’re my shining star)
*a set of 2 file folders: 1,000 yen
*portable bag: 2,500 yen
*acrylic key chain: 1,500 yen
*a set of 2 can badges: 1,000 yen

3) His costumes will be given to lucky 6 attendees
(2 costumes for part 1 attendees, and 4 costumes for part 2 attendees)
The winners are chosen by lot, using the ticket number.

4) JKS’ special capsule toy machine in Osaka
The same JKS’ special capsule toy machine as ZIKZIN Planet will be settled at the lobby.
You’ll get one item of all 20 kinds. You can play with 500 yen, five 100 yen coins.

5) Venue map
thank you all会場案内図-2
アリーナ入口: entrance gate
ロビー: lobby – [purple] JKS’ special capsule toy machine area
展示&物販エリア: exhibition and shop area [orange]
フィルムコンサートエリア: film concert area [blue]
楽屋&展示エリア: backstage and exhibition area [pink]

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