[2019-11-29] Tree-J Twitter

How are you doing in the cold winter?

We would like to know your eels’ opinions about Actor Jang’s performances so far,
as to plan his future performances.

Click the link below and give us your opinion.
Thank you.

tenshi_akuma’s note: Choice! best JKS performance
Which one do you like best in JKS’ past performances (you can choose your favorite ones up to 3), and why?
*We will make your opinion a reference for the future.
*The survey period: from November 29th (Fri) 14:00 through December 6th (Fri) 18:00
*Please answer the questionnaire only once.
*The one held only once is not included in the candidates, and they are listed in chronological order.

추운 겨울, 잘 지내고 계시는지요

향후 공연 컨텐츠 제작에 참고하고자
그동안 장배우의 공연에 대한
장어님들의 의견을 듣고자 합니다

아래 링크를 클릭하셔서
의견을 남겨주세요



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