[Video] JKS’ message for viewers after seeing ‘Switch’ episode 1

‘Switch ~Change the world~’ episode 1 is available on YouTube from November 13th to December 3rd, 2019. And you can see JKS’ special message for viewers after seeing the episode 1 from 40:30.
Credit: PLAN K Entertainment
English translation: tenshi_akuma
Hello, Japanese viewers. I’m Jang Keun Suk.
In this episode, Swindler Sa Do Chan ended up working as a prosecutor instead of Joon Soo, who is a real prosecutor but had an unexpected accident.
Sa Do Chan got an unbelievable proposal from Joon Soo’s junior colleague, Oh Ha Ra.
What kinds of achievements will Do Chan show us from now on..??
Let’s wait and see in the next episode, checking the DVD.
Don’t miss it!

Some screenshots from the message video.

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