[Pics] JKS’ exclusive messages for ZIKZIN FIRE

The fan event called ‘ZIKZIN FIRE’ planned by CRI-J was held on October 19th, 2019.

Eels who attended the event kindly shared some photos, and some of them are JKS’ messages to eels!

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English translation: Zoe from ECI

Flowers from Sukkie.
Big congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Cri J
I want to go too….your actor J


Isn’t it 10th anniversary of the birth of CriJ?
Have fun! Leave the fire fighitng security to me today!
Congratulations! Thank you! I love you!
Wait for me! I also (will be with you) .. soon..!

Zoe’s note: Sukkie didn’t write “will be with you”. He implies that. And this photo of the sky was taken by him.

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