[2019-09-26] CRI-J Twitter

English translation and note by Zoe from ECI

[0926 birthday support]
The photo sharing exhibition donation certificates, JKS- cake, champagne and small gifts are delivered to his company. (Details will be posted later on the official website.)

We think that actor Jang’s heart became sweet like macarones when he received donation certificates full of eels’ beautiful hearts.

Enjoy the few hours that are left of JKS birthday carnival!
Zoe’s note: There are 4 donation certificates in the photo. 120 million won eels donated at the JKS birthday photo sharing exhibition are split evenly between: orphanage Namsanwon, two charity organizations that help children and shelter for dogs Aeshindogscats.

[0926생일 서포트]
나눔사진전 기부증서와 JKS케잌, 샴페인, 작은선물을 소속사로 보냈습니다. (상세내용:추후 공홈 게시 예정)

장어님들의 아름다운 마음이 담긴 기부증서를 받은 장배우님께서 마카롱처럼 달콤한 마음이 되셨으리라 생각됩니다.

몇시간 남지않은 JKS생일 카니발 즐겁게 보내세요!

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