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Hello everyone, this is the Tree J company.
Jang Keun Suk Official Fanclub Cri J 10 membership enrollment begins!
The Fanclub name, “Cri J” which was given by Actor Jang, is passing its 10 years unawareness. To welcome its 10th anniversary, let’s explain the Cri J 10’s benefits to eels who always love and support Actor Jang!

1. Exclusive membership number
1) Start from 10 membership, an exclusive membership number is given in the order of joining.
*After the exclusive number is given, it will no longer be available to other members. If in the next year the membership is not renewed, the exclusive number will be permanently vacant.
*If you do not renew and re-enter the Fanclub in another year, you will be assigned a new exclusive number.
*All enrolments and membership approval are automatically completed by the system.
2) The exclusive number system will give priority to fans who have been joining for a long time.
3) The exclusive number could be used to participate in the selection of various Korean official events. (For example, Valentine’s Day, White Valentine’s Day events etc.)

2. 10th anniversary souvenir (delivery is scheduled in mid-January)
1) Diary + 10 membership card
2) Exclusive membership card: Black platinum card
3) 10th Anniversary Special Gift: Transparent Acrylic Photo Frame

3. The Cri J 10 members are qualified to join the lottery of Actor Jang’s loved belongings
– Lottery for the TV drama “Switch”, sweater which was worn by Baek Joon-Soo.

4. Official members have priority to participate offline activities.
– In the first half of 2019, a broadcasting conference covering all films directed by Director Jang would be under preparation.
If you want to spend the time with Actor Jang and the Korean Official Fanclub in 2019, please refer to the following instructions and apply.

– As follows –

1. During the enrolment period:
Domestic: 18th December (TUE) 21:00~ 22nd December (SAT) 24:00
Overseas: (based on Korean time) 24th December (MON) 21:00 ~ 30th December (SUN) 24:00

2. Membership validity:
1st January to 31st December 2019 (1-year period).

3. Joining method:
1) Existing members
/ My page → 기수신청 Application of phase number
2) New members:
3) Please pay attention of the following when submitting the enrolment:
* Please fill in the postal code at the member information column.
* For those who live in overseas, please confirm the “English” address and postal code in advance.
* For eels who join the group enrolment, please fill in the “group name” in the address column.
* Please be aware to check the spam box when submitting the email authentication.
* After the remittance is completed, the membership would be automatically converted into a regular member.

4. Precautions:
1. You must join in the name of yourself. If you join the Fanclub in the name of the others or with false information, you cannot participate any offline event.
2. If the 10th anniversary souvenir or special gift was found to be sold in the public, the seller may be subject to legal sanctions.
3. After the membership is enrolled, no refund or return good on request.

/ Do not accept telephone enquires
/ Please email us: prince-jks@princejks.com

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6 thoughts on “[Notice] About cri J 10th membership”

    • What kind of form do you need, Teresita? You just need to click on the “join” button on the https://www.princejks.com/ next week, and apply for the memebership. TreeJ will post a new notice with screenshots and more information before the joining period for eels outside Korea starts 24th December.

  1. Hi. I am from the Philippines and I have been trying to access the form but to no avail. Is there a chance to have the form sent to my email address? Or is there any other way to access the membeship form? Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Arlin,

      I’m also from the Philippines. I was able to successfully apply for Cri J membership today. Please try the following steps:

      1. Visit: https://www.princejks.com
      2. On the upper right portion, click the 3 horizontal lines. Then click Join. This should lead you to the sign up page.
      3. Fill up the online form. Input all the necessary details.
      4. Pay for the membership fee via PayPal.
      5. Check the email you provided and look for an email from Prince JKS. Check your spam folder as well. You will need to click the link in the email to authenticate your membership.

      Hope that helps!😊

  2. Done with joining the crij10 just now. Follow the steps here in Notice on how to join JKS official FC crij10 in 2019. Good luck and thanks to this site. It’s a big help. I wish i could join this group. Happy .holidays everyone!


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