[Pic] ‘Choa’ vol.71 cover photo

It will be released on December 19th.

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2 thoughts on “[Pic] ‘Choa’ vol.71 cover photo”

  1. He really looks sooo Handsome as it!❤️But I miss him. Hello jks oppa. We all eels wait for your beautiful and healthy return as well. And keep rising shines as always everyday. Love to our shining eels and supporting you as purely ❤️

  2. I like this cover photo very much,❤️❤️,I have asked my friend in Tokyo to buy this magazine for me already . But he looked a bit sad or misery in this photo,! Why our Prince ? Your smiles and happiness are what we Eels looking for 😍😊😊❤️💋Zikzin dear JKS we eel waiting for your happy and healthy return .Love you always


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