[Pics] Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~JKS SELECT~ First limited Special Box


The details of Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~JKS SELECT~ First limited Special Box (CD + DVD + Photo book) were released. Please check the below.
– deluxe box cover
– 100p exclusive photo book
– 1 piece of his latest trading cards (all 7 types) *First production only
– DVD: making video while shooting the cover photo, special message and so on

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9 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~JKS SELECT~ First limited Special Box”

  1. Morning, I have the same question many times before! .? Why most of JKD collections have no English sub ? As matter of fact He has so many international fans Eels , He is a World Prince now , for the benefits of all fans I think there should be Eng sub ,bcx we can’t read Japanese or Korean , it would be more fun if we can understand what our idol talking about . With the help of all the dear sis of jangkeunsuk forever.com they translated so many thing of JKS , that make us getting more closer to HIM , songs, news , they ‘ve been doing a lot already , thx from the bottom of our hearts 👍❤️❤️❤️💋💋Byebye have a good day

  2. Dear sis Tenshi , a bit disappointed again this time, no English sub , but anyway I will surely buy the Jangkeunsuk best 2011-2017 DVD ,it was so surprised that there is English and Chinese sub in both Cri-Present in Seoul and Nelson Diary . actually most of JKS collections that I have are no English sub but I will keep on buying it and enjoy watching him and support him. Miss him a lot and waiting for his healthy and happy return . Love him forever ❤️❤️💋💋

    • Hello, teresakwokys sissy. For me I am ok without English sub. For sure ❤️Me too I miss him a lot and I am keep on supporting him with Love as always especially you too.❤️ have a beautiful morning to you, sukkie oppa and the eels family❤️We all we’ll wait for his healthy, happy and handsome return❤️

  3. Good morning to you too dear Jenny, haha I understand you are one of the up day reader of this blog , !! Nice to have your comments , dont you think it’s better to have Eng sub for all His everything? Eventhough we just enjoy watching him ! It makes a big difference to understand what he is talking about ! Sometimes I even asked my friends who know Japanese to translate to Chinese or English so that I know what he is talking about during his shows ! Some messages he wanted to tell us are very touching ,❤️❤️

  4. The dvd that is available on yesasia.com says that is for region 2 which includes only few countries. So other countries will not be able to play the dvd, is it?


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