[2018-08-22] Tree-J Twitter

TEAM H Summer Time -Japanese Version-
ranked 30th on Billboard Japan HOT 100!
Thank you for your support!

We really appreciate it!

/ sales on 1 audio source
/ MV views on YouTube for 2 days
/ the number of Twitter mentions

Under only these conditions,
you eels made it! Awesome!

종합 30위!


/ 음원 1개의 판매
/ 유투브 재생 2일
/ 트위터 언급

이것만으로 이루어진
장어님들의 쾌거입니다!

Next target is from September 3th till September 9th!

/ request their song to radio stations
/ play the CD on your computer
/ watch the MV on YouTube
/ promote on Twitter

With #Team_H
let’s make #SUMMERTIME fire!!

다음은 9월 3일~ 9월 9일!

/ 라디오 신청을 하고
/ CD를 컴퓨터에서 플레이하고
/ 유투브에서 MV를 재생하고
/ 트위터로 홍보하면서

#Team_H 와 함께
#SUMMERTIME 을 불태워요!!

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3 thoughts on “[2018-08-22] Tree-J Twitter”

  1. Hello Mr Beautiful ,
    How are you ? Hope that all is well and that you’re enjoying the job that you’re doing . Hopefully it’s not too ????hot????to handle . ????
    Enjoying ✨Summertime ✨very much ????. Love the way yours and BB’s voices come together in this . Don’t quite understand what is being said but that’s ok. It’s music ????????????the international language . I hope you have lots of success with it ????!
    Take good care . Hugs . ❤️

    • hello paula onni i love your first comment of jks oppa “hello mr. beautiful” i love that sentence by the way i am jenny from the philippines and its my first time to visit jks website jangkeunsukforever.com but i always write a comments on this when ever has a new photos or events or video coming on it and nice to meet you

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