[News] Jang Geun Suk Writes Heartfelt Message To Fans About Military Enlistment

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Along with news of Jang Geun Suk’s military enlistment details, the actor wrote to fans himself to personally deliver the news.

Read his message below:

“I’m not sure where to start…
“I hesitated and worried for a long time.
“However, more than anything else I think it’s right for me to greet eels (fan nickname) first.
“Let’s say goodbye temporarily.
“Hello (hello and goodbye are the same in Korean) is a word for when you’re happy to see someone you haven’t met in a long time and it’s also a word for when you feel regret when saying goodbye. This time it’s unfortunately the goodbye type..

“Everyone must have prepared their hearts to a certain degree, but now that I said it myself it feels like reality right?
“It’s a time that has come to me as well and I’m just calmly waiting.
“I am a bit flustered as I came to go at a much later age than others..^^
“When I look back I was able to finish 2017 and start 2018 with you guys.
“There’s already only half a year left and time is passing quickly as always, so I feel more regret about saying farewell.

“I want to spend the two years that will be given to me now as a meaningful time.
“After debuting at a young age, for 27 years I never once rested.
“I don’t think I ever had time completely to myself.


“We’re resting briefly.

“Everyone take care of your health and don’t get sick..


“I love you.


“If you cheat, you die.”

We wish Jang Geun Suk a safe service!
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24 thoughts on “[News] Jang Geun Suk Writes Heartfelt Message To Fans About Military Enlistment”

  1. Hi! Dear Prince❤️I remember I mentioned before I felt his loneliness in his eyes , my heart is broken and felt his pain after I read his messages to Eels. I am crying even now when writing this messages . JKS please be positive ❤️You have all the supports from your Eels .We will wait for your healthy return we love you till the end.All your Eels no matter what nationalities LOVE you please take care Good Luck Good health God bless you ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Our respect and admiration for you as a good person is boundless, AP. Thank you so very much for your note. We’re glad that you will use your upcoming service time to take a break from constantly pushing yourself. God bless and keep you. We’ll be here when you return – and there will be no cheating! ????????. …Tenshi, thank you for this beautiful post ❤️

  3. I am also crying while I am writing this, but I really hope your military service will be a positive experience in the end. I will really miss you.

  4. We will be thinking of you every day you are away and of course there will be no cheating because we respect and love you too much. So many of us have felt your positive impact on us in our times of need. Now it’s time for us to nurture you. Please take care of yourself and feel our love.

  5. All of us have been prepared for this, but now that it came from you, why does it hurt?
    My heart still aches so much thinking of you being away. Then again, it’s the fact that we all have to endure for awhile.
    You gotta take care of yourself. Enjoy the 2 yrs for yourself. Have a life of your own away from the limelight… Away from us Eels’ that demand much from you. I’m saying sorry for the wrong deeds (for we are all humans) that we Eels sometimes do. Enjoy your life with your ‘buddies to be’ on the army.
    No worries, for you will never have to kill me.
    I will never cheat on you.
    Never did I…
    Never will I.
    Saranghae Suk Oppa… ????❤????

  6. Hey …
    By the way in both the cases it’s never a good bye because u like meeting your fans(Hi)& you regret leaving us(goodbye) which means you never want to leave people whom u like….So you are not leaving anyone…and how can you leave when you have already occupied our heart and mind together…You have always taken care of everyone including your family,friends and fans..now it’s time for yourself to experience new things and learn different aspects of your life…We are happy until we see u smiling in your life..All the best for a different experience and A Happy Journey. ….take care????????

  7. The more I realize that in life we cannot control our destiny the more I just live my life the best that I can. You are not alone my friend, I am with you forever. I love You.

  8. On Saturday 13 July 2018, I posted a comment on Instagram regarding the Prince’s enlistment. I would like to post it here hoping that it may somehow reach him (JKS):
    All you wanted to do is to make us happy – not letting us see how you are suffering inside all this time. This is indeed only a ‘temporary’ goodbye. May you find your inner peace and truly recover while you are away, As for us, we will bear the agony of lonely moments of missing you until that day of your happy return. And when you do, you will find us all patiently waiting for you – WITH OPEN ARMS.

  9. Pray…it helps. Think of happy thoughts…and smile. You have your family, friends and eels. JKS is JKS. You will be okay. PEACE be with you, AP! Waiting…

  10. i love the last sentence if you cheat you’ll die. yes sir jks promise i will not cheat anyone just only you promise…

  11. Annyeonghaseyo Oppah..
    Good morning and have a great day ahead 🙏
    Please keep praying for God everything will be fine oppah, get well soon.and always positive, happy and do what is your happiness..I’m only a fanner to wait and support until end..I will not cheat I promise to love and continue to follow you even at out of Earth or in the second generation if there is…


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