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A while ago, Actor Jang’s movement line at Benefit Photo Exhibition was released!

Let’s walk together : )

Benefit Photo Exhibition day 2!
A lot of people are coming today, too!

The birthday cake we celebrated with yesterday is displayed!
Actor Jang’s movement line we saw through LED monitor is released!
You can convey your heart through the special mail box!

Today we will give you autograph gifts, too!
After 3 o’clock when the exhibition ends, we will announce the lucky numbers!

나눔 사진전 2일 째!
오늘도 많은 분이 찾아주셨어요!

어제 함께했던 생일 케이크 전시!
LED로만 보았던 장배우 이동동선 공개!
우체통에 마음도 전할 수 있구요!

오늘도 역시 싸인선물이 있답니다!
3시 전시회가 종료되면
럭키 번호를 발표할게요!

Today’s winners are…!

1) the date of today – 617
2) lucky seven (triple seven) – 777
3) donation angel – 1004


Show your number at ticket booth and receive it.

오늘의 프레젠트 주인공은!

1) 오늘 날짜 – 617
2) 럭키 세븐 – 777
3) 기부천사 – 1004


티켓 부스에서
본인 번호를 보여주신 뒤


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