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WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Switch’. Thanks.
Author: Eme Zikzin from Anguilas Perversas, Eels USA and ECI
Photo credits: SBS

Ep 31
The investigators, by order of the prosecutors Oh Ha Ra and Baek Joon Soo open the boxes in the truck that supposedly contain the $200.000.000 and discover that inside there are only napa cabbages.
Prosecutors are in shock! (and me too!) Oh Ha Ra I can not believe it, it’s full of anger and Baek Joon Soo can not hide his rage, his impotence, his surprise, this time Geum Tae Woong has won the play and he is really enjoying it!
Geum Tae Woong enjoying his short triumph, meets with his son in his office and feeling more cunning and powerful than ever, he advises his son, that he is always the one who cheats, that he never be cheated by anyone.

Well I’m sorry for him, but this will not last long, Sa Do Chan will to turn the table 😉

Geum Tae Wong receives a box from the Casino director that contains a notebook with the $200.000.000 in unregistered Bonuses.
In an action very typical of him, Geum Tae Woong threatens the District Attorney who received a million dollars as a bribe to support him and makes it very clear that if he falls, she too.
On his part, prosecutor Yang Ji Soong also rebuked Prosecutor Jin and in a demonstration of having lost respect for her, he called her by her name, making it clear that he already realized that she was acting by bribe.
Now, Sa Do Chan meets with his team to set up a plan that forces Tae Woong to take out the Bonus.
Ahhhhh he looks so handsome!! in the absence of romantic scenes, you have to drool with Sa Do Chan making you look like the leader that our sexy prince has! Peely eel here 😉
The plan is set in motion and the Feel Gallery is closed for the complaint of receiving a large sum of money for the insurance of some works of art.
Meanwhile the Namsan club begins to tremble because the investigations begin to splash them and no longer seems so fun. They are so scared they are asking Geum Tae Woong to leave the Direction.
What Geum Tae Woong feared so much, his greatest fear, is beginning to happen, being dethroned is something he is not willing to let happen.
On the other hand Mr Kim receives in prison a demonstration of “gratitude and affection” of the man who considered as a father that leaves him in a coma.
The lawyer swindler Jun In Tae, receives the call that everyone expected from Geum Tae Woong that will allow them to go ahead with the plan to remove the bonus. The setting is in progress, the fish bit the hook and is willing to go for the diamond, what he does not know is that this diamond, of course, will also make Switch! LOL

The time has come to exchange the diamond and OMG! The bodyguard has been defeated by nerves!!! OMG!!! didn’t do the SWITCH well ahhhhh!!! I am also sweating!
In a last-minute strategy, the false lawyer kicks the suitcase “inadvertently”, manages to make the switch well and save the play!!
OMG this man is finding out on TV that maybe his diamond is not a diamond!
XD XD XD XD It is FALSE my friend!, your diamond is false and there is no right to claim because you bought it with black money. XD XD XD
Now Oh Ha Ra arrives to put him under arrest for the murder of Sa Ma Chun, since she now has witnesses to the fact.
While our dear prosecutors do their job questioning the villain, their bribed henchmen arrive, that is, the District Attorney with Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor Gil Dae Ro to try to unmask Sa Do Chan!! Oh no!! They want to draw blood to compare it with a sample of Baek Joon Soo! We are lost!! How is Sa Do Chan going out of this one?!!.

I’m imagining a couple of possibilities, So Eun Ji switch as a nurse and thus change the sample? nooo they can’t, that’s inside the Internal Affairs offices! OMG Will Sa Do Chan take a bag with Joon Soon’s blood? Oh no!!! what distress!
Has arrived the time of truth?!!!!!
I want to believe that really is Joon Soo who is sitting in that chair!!!
Yessssss Joon Soo recovered! the face of the bribed Prosecutor is a poem! They really have Joon Soo in front! They did it again, another Perfect Switch!!
When the Investigator told Do Chan that they had taken him to Internal Affairs, Do Chan and Joon Soo planned the change again. So beautiful Joon Soo, always brave! he acts like someone we know 😉
I love them both!!!!! Is it too much to ask? ♥ ♥ XD
By the way, I love your hair like that JKS.
Oh Ha Ra enters alone to the interrogation room and Geum Tae Woong counts the chickens before they hatch LOL When Joon Soo enters and they show him that he is who he says he is, the evil one collapses in the chair, already he knows lost!
Finally this man in his prisoner suit and cornered he dares to say to his son: I am Your Father! and we can hear in our heads the soundtrack of Star Wars! 😀
Of course he instructs his son to help him, but will Tae Woong live the same fate as the God Cronus (Saturn)? who devoured his children fearing the prophecy that one of them would dethrone him. “You are my only hope”, the villain tells his son.

Joon Soo and Do Chan meet and thank each other for their help.

JKS on the screen twice is somewhat difficult for an eel to handle. What a delight!
This wonderful couple of prosecutors is preparing for the final battle against the Grizzly.

There is no more handsome and sexy prosecutor in the entire planet and Oh Ha Ra knows it !!

Ep 32
Oh Ha Ra and Baek Joon Soo arrive in Seoul Central District Court determined on their goal of ending the misdeeds of the Grizzly.
The room is full house, everyone expecting that Geum Tae Woong can not get out of there well freed. Oh Ha Ra begins to read the list of accusations that is so long that it gives time to go prepare a tea!
The first to be called to the stand is the son of Grizzly, let’s see how Zeus, sorry, Jo Sung Doo makes his move…
It seems that the son decided to take the side of the father and he feels relieved, is that really true? Or is it that, as the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold?

Grizzly does everything possible because the accusations fall on Mr. Kim and since he left him in a coma and can not testify he believes he has everything on his side.

Let’s pause to appreciate this pensive swindler … Fortunately justice is blind because if she had not already come down from that pedestal and would find herself in an existential dilemma. XD XD XD ♥
Baek Joon Soo calls the son of Grizzly back to the stand, the defense lawyer tries to prevent the interrogation but the judge annuls his request.
Joon Soo asks the witness if he knows the nature of Nam Seung Tae’s death. Aha! here is should come the change of play of the son!…
…Jo Sung Doo recognizes that he himself killed the victim and the Grizzly is in shock!
And although the defense lawyer objects to the evidence, finally the video of the drugs is exposed to the view of all.
Geum Tae Woong feels that he dies seeing himself on the screen holding the drug while his son, like a Zeus, gives him the final thrust accusing him of having been the mastermind of all the facts and of actually being the man known as the Grizzly!!, almost nothing! LOL
This is the moment when Geum Tae Woong must be thinking “I really should have eaten my children” XD XD
Geum Tae Wong is lost forever! Prosecutor Joon Soo says: That’s it.
Sa Do Chan arrives at the courthouse in silence to observe the outcome of the battle…
… and the judge begins to read the long list of misdeeds of the Grizzly, “his crimes are extremely atrocious” is his conclusion and continues that therefore the defendant Geum Tae Woong is guilty of all crimes and sentenced to death.
The room celebrates! and it rises in joy!

Personally, it is hard for me to see the celebration of the death of another human being, even if it is the Grizzly. But well, he worked his destiny to pulse.
The Grizzly goes crazy, can not believe it!, Oh Ha Ra, Sa Do Do Chan and Baek Joon Soo managed to end his dark empire.
Mr Kim wakes up from the coma, while Ha Ra leaves the room behind Sa Do Chan, my God, is this the moment I’ve been waiting for so long?!! Will something romantic happen? Will the miracle be done?
Sa Do Chan is saying goodbye to Oh Ha Ra with that sadness on his face!! ahhhh!! I can not believe she let him go like this!, nooo
She gives him a gift … a picture of him with his dad, the time they met in the park :’( :’( :’(
ahhhhhh a saranghae is required at this time … T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T

Ha Ra reminds him of his father’s last words that “the biggest scam in life is to win the heart of a person completely” ahhhh!!! Do Chan sees her with those little eyes… and Ha Ra does not throw at his neck when he says: Oh Ha Ra, for a big scam requires a great setting.
Could you handle it?
I’m fainted!
Now Sa Do Chan also says goodbye to his team after compensating them and encourage them to realize their own dreams, he stays alone and they take different directions…
The district attorney is called by Internal Affairs, also the other bribed prosecutor Gil Dae Ro who trying to get away tries to do the same as Ha Ra jumping on the access and rolls on the floor loudly. XD XD XD XD

Ex-Minister Choi and Geum’s son pay their crimes in prison.
Behind bars, feeling alone, the Grizzly begins to reflect on what his life was like and as his own words now chase him, he remembers telling Mr. Kim that the worst torture was being alone, with no one to trust, now he asks himself: is that what I did to myself? Yes, he forged his worst torture.
At the request of Do Chan, Joon Soo greets Miss Mi Ran for the first time as he did and she, like an eel, feels that her day was made!!
Oh Ha Ra and Baek Joon Soo continue their work of catching criminals …
And another undercover team, is dedicated to helping them with this work!…
Yes, they have returned!
… and before the prosecutors arrive they leave the criminal served on a silver platter.
The situation seems strange to them, what is happening?
A clue that leaves no doubt…
Will the big settings continue?
This handsome and kind man will return to try to achieve his biggest scam?
Thanks for reading and please excuse my English.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Switch Staff and the SBS for taking care of JKS and giving us a show of such high quality.

Also I want to thank deeply on behalf of the eels and on my own, our beloved Actor Jang for this amazing job. Thank you for always being a man who gives the best of himself in everything you do, thanks for always doing the best so that we are proud of you, we really noticed and we are and we thank you. You always inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. Good luck in your next adventure and do not doubt, that we will be here waiting for you, it is a promise.

Take care.

We love you.

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